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Carnegie Hour Instructions

As of the Summer 2016 term, instructors are asked to complete a Structured Instructional Activity (SIA) Scorecard for all Online and Hybrid classes. These scorecards will be used to evaluate number of Carnegie hours in your course, ensuring that they are equivalent to the instructional hours of an on-campus class. One Carnegie hour is the equivalent of 50 clock minutes. We have provided a guide for you to evaluate the length of each task. If you think your students will need to spend longer on a task than is listed, the length of each task can be adjusted based on how long you believe each task should take the students to complete. You can apply these guidelines by week or by chapter depending on how you organize your course.

  • Each course must have 45 Carnegie hours of instruction per credit hour taught online. A 3 credit online course must have the equivalent of 135 Carnegie hours, or 6,750 minutes of instruction during the term in which the class is being taught. A 4 credit online course must have the equivalent of 180 Carnegie hours or 9,000 minutes of instruction during the term.
  • A hybrid course must have the equivalent Carnegie hours for the number of credits that are earned through the online learning portion of the class. For example, if you are teaching a 3 credit hybrid course where only 1 credit of the course is being taught online, you would only need to document 45 Carnegie hours, or 2,250 minutes, of online instructions during the term.
  • Typically, each week should contain at least 9 hours of instructional activity to be equivalent to the instructional activity of an on-campus course. It is ok if you have some weeks that exceed the 9 hours and others that are less than 9 hours providing the overall hours meets the Carnegie hours based on the assigned credits for the course.

After you have completed the SIA form, calculate the total number of minutes of all of the tasks.  Divided the total by 50 to calculate the number of Carnegie hours.

If you have any questions regarding the Structured Instructional Activity Scorecard or how to evaluate your course, please contact Educational Technologies in AB 137 or at extension 5315.