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Waitlist FAQ

What is a waitlist?

A waitlist is a list of students who want to register for a course section that is already full.

How do I put my name on the waitlist?

In SIRS, follow the Registration menu to "Build My Schedule." When you enter a CRN for a course that is full, you will see the words "Closed - Waitlisted." Next to Action, to select the "Add to Waitlist" option and click SUBMIT CHANGES.

Does putting my name on the waitlist guarantee me a seat in the class?

No. Students are added to the class in the order they joined the waitlist only if space becomes available.

What happens if I am registered for a morning class and I add my name to the waitlist for an afternoon section of that same course?

If a seat becomes available for the afternoon section, you will be automatically registered for it and dropped from the morning section.

What happens if a waitlisted course opens up that causes a time conflict in my schedule?

If a waitlisted space opens up which would create a time conflict, your schedule will not be automatically changed. In this case, you will be sent an email notifying you that a seat has become available. You will have at least 24 hours to respond if you want to rearrange your schedule to take the waitlisted class.

How do I know if I am scheduled for the class for which I have been waitlisted?

You will be automatically registered for the class, space permitting. Once you have been moved from the waitlist to the class, you will be notified via email. Always double check your class schedule in SIRS before the start of classes.

How do I remove my name from a waitlist?

In SIRS, follow the Registration menu to "Build My Schedule." Use the drop down menu to change the course indicator from "Waitlist" to "Drop" and click SUBMIT CHANGES.

Contact Information
Payne Hall, Room 159A
1101 Sherman Drive
Utica, NY 13501
Telephone: 315.792.5336
Fax: 315.792.5698
Email: Registrar@mvcc.edu

Plumley Complex, Room 117
1101 Floyd Avenue
Rome, NY 13440
Telephone: 315.334.7708
Fax: 315.334.7726