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Reverse Transfer

If you began your studies at Mohawk Valley Community College and transferred to another college before completing a degree here, you may now be eligible for an Associate Degree. Reverse transfer allows you to transfer the credits you earned at another school back to MVCC. With the combination of credits you have earned at both institutions, you may now qualify to earn your MVCC associate degree.

SUNY Credits

Did you transfer to a SUNY four-year institution after MVCC? If so, please visit the SUNY Reverse Transfer Webpage and complete the ‘Submit a Reverse Transfer Request’ using your current SUNY school’s login. By completing the form, SUNY’s online submission system will share your transcripts between institutions. This will notify MVCC to review your credits and determine if you are eligible to earn your associate degree or certificate. There is no cost to you.

Non-SUNY College Credits

If you earned credits at a non-SUNY College or University after taking classes at MVCC, our Office of Records & Registration (OR&R) will evaluate your accumulated credits to determine if you meet the requirements to receive your associate degree through reverse transfer. Please have an official transcript sent to Mohawk Valley Community College and contact the OR&R at 315-792-5606 or email to request a formal review of your credits. We will advise you on how your transfer coursework may apply to your degree and what seps will come next. There is no fee from MVCC for this review, but please note that most colleges will charge a small fee to send an official transcript to MVCC. You may submit an unofficial transcript for initial review (usually at no cost), but please note that, if eligible, official transcripts will be required before we can award your degree.