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Graduation Requirements

Students are responsible for satisfying all requirements leading to a degree or certificate for the curriculum in which they are enrolled.

Your Application for Graduation triggers a review of all academic work for the purpose of certification of graduation.

Students must pass all courses required for the program or certificate in which they have matriculated, and must achieve at least a 2.0 program grade point average. Courses should be completed as specified in the catalog including general education requirements and competency requirements.

Residency requirement: A minimum of 25% of the required program credits for graduation must be successfully completed at Mohawk Valley Community College.

Institutional requirements for two-year degrees include:

  • One credit hour of College Seminar
  • Two credit hours of Physical Education
  • Diversity and Global View
  • Financial Obligations to the college must be fulfilled
  • A final High School Transcript showing graduation information or GED Certificate must be on file

Students expecting to have transfer credit to count towards graduation should have all official transcripts on file. All transfer courses must be posted on your official transcript prior to graduation.

Matriculation is terminated by graduation. Students intending to pursue another degree or certificate need to matriculate in the new degree or certificate program.

Dual Degree

Providing that all requirements are fulfilled for both programs, including at least a 2.0 GPA in both, a student may concurrently or consecutively undertake a second degree program at the same level as the first. A second degree will be awarded only in those cases where the second program requires at least 15 semester credit hours of specific courses which are not part of the requirements of the first.

Graduation with Honors

A cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.75 is required for Graduation with Honors.

Diplomas are mailed to graduates 6 - 8 weeks after certification.

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