Policy on Credit by Examination

MVCC may at its discretion design and administer examinations to provide matriculated students with an alternative method of obtaining college credit.

I. Credit Granted

  1. Any credit earned by examination will be considered the same as transfer credit to MVCC.
  2. Only courses offered in the current College Catalog will be considered.
  3. Only the course number, title, credit hours and the notation of “Credit by Examination” will be recorded on the transcript.
  4. The cumulative GPA is not affected by the examination.
  5. Credit by examination is subject to the approval of the Dean of the School responsible for the course.

II. Eligibility

  1. Only currently MATRICULATED students shall be able to earn credit by examination.

III. Limitations

  1. Credit earned will not count toward current semester course load.
  2. Credit will not be approved for any course in which the student has previously earned a passing grade.
  3. Credit must be applicable to the program in which the student is matriculated.
  4. Credit hours earned for by examination shall not exceed 75 percent of the graduation requirements of the program in which the applicant is matriculated.
  5. A combination of credit by examination and transfer credit shall not exceed 75% of required program credits.
  6. Students will not be granted credit by examination after graduation.
  7. Credit earned by examination may be transferable at the discretion of other institutions and/or accrediting bodies.

IV. Fees

  1. The fee for Credit by Examination will be set at two-thirds of the part-time tuition rate for the course in question. This fee must be paid by cash, check, or credit card to the Business Office. The fee is not covered by any Financial Aid the student may receive.

V. Procedures

  1. Student meets with Dean of the Academic School housing the major for preliminary approval to seek credit by examination.
  2. Student takes the completed Application for Credit by Examination to the Dean of the Academic School housing the course, who will designate a faculty member to work with the student.
  3. Student meets with the designated faculty member to develop an action plan.
  4. Student pays the fee associated with the credit by examination at the Business Office.
  5. Designated faculty member verifies student payment and administers the examination, recording the result as pass or fail.
  6. Faculty member submits examination result to the Dean of the School housing the course.
  7. Dean of the Academic School housing the course notifies the Registrar of approval/disapproval of credit by examination.
  8. Registrar records the credit by examination on the student transcript and notifies the student and the Academic School housing the major of the outcome.