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Parking Regulations

Mohawk Valley Community College is designated as private property and the use of the roadways and parking areas are a privilege restricted to persons who have a direct relationship with the college.

All motor vehicles on campus property MUST be registered with the Department Of Public Safety, and properly display the official College decal. This requirement includes faculty, staff, and all currently enrolled students on either the Utica or Rome campus. To obtain a vehicle registration decal for the Utica Campus, you can click Vehicle Registration Form,  print and complete the form, then return it to the Department of Public Safety in the Academic Building room 109. Alternatively, you may visit the Department of Public Safety and obtain a printed copy there. For the Rome Campus, Student Services processes vehicle registration. You can print and complete the form, or stop by the Student Services Office to complete the vehicle registration process. You will need your MVCC student ID, a valid driver’s license, and vehicle registration to complete the form. The decal is to be affixed inside the rear driver side window

  • Students are not permitted to park in Staff or Faculty lots at any time unless authorized by proper signage. All traffic rules and regulations are enforced 12 months a year.


  • To receive a pass for all night parking, the driver of the vehicle must contact the Department of Public Safety (Utica (315) 792-5566 or Rome (315) 334-3559). The pass must be displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle. Unauthorized vehicles parked overnight will be issued a traffic citation.


  • Violation of parking in a handicapped parking space and parking or standing in a fire lane are serious offenses. Unauthorized vehicles found illegally parked in these areas will be issued a traffic citation and may be towed at the owner’s expense.


  • Traffic citations are issued as necessary. Fines are to be paid at the Payne Hall Business Office in person or by mail. Make Check or Money Order payable to Mohawk Valley Community College. FAILURE TO COMPLY WILL DOUBLE THE FINE.


  • Violators have the right to appeal a citation. Appeal forms are available at the Department of Public Safety, Academic Building room 109 on the Utica Campus or in the Plumley Complex room 119 on the Rome Campus, and must be turned in within ten (10) days from the date of the violation.