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If you can remember the acronyms RAIN and TDS, you will be one step closer to being safer during a hazardous event. Most people think of a hazardous event as an active shooter, a bomb threat or possibly a terrorist attack. A hazardous event can also be an accidental chemical spill, a natural gas explosion or a train derailment that results in any hazardous material leak. The following discussion on what RAIN and TDS are will help you in any hazardous events.

RAIN stands for:

R – Recognize the hazard or the threat.

A – Avoid the hazard and not become contaminated or injured.

I – Isolate (if possible) the hazardous area.

N – Notify the appropriate support.

TDS stands for:

T – Minimize the TIME spent in the affected area.

D – Maximize the DISTANCE from the contaminated material.

S – Use SHIELDING to reduce or eliminate exposure.