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RAIN Explosives

R – Recognize the characteristics of explosive devices.
A – Avoid, by protection, the hazards of explosive devices.
I – Isolate the hazards of explosive devices.
N – Notify the appropriate resources and authorities.
                                                                                                                      Bomb Threats

Bomb threats must be treated as a serious matter. To ensure the safety of all, bomb threats must be considered real until proven otherwise. In most cases, bomb threats are meant to disrupt normal activities. Should a bomb threat be made the decision to evacuate a building or shelter in place must be made by the proper authorities. The procedures below should be implemented regardless of whether or not the bomb threat appears real or not.

DO NOT use a public address system, a cell phone, two way radios or any other electronic device.

DO NOT turn any light switches on or off.

DO NOT handle, touch or open any suspicious package.

DO NOT assume there is only one explosive devise – there may be a secondary device.