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Can parents get NY Alert?

Parents may receive NY Alert messages through student sign up. If you are a parent and would like to receive the alerts, have your student add your cell phone and/or email information to his/her account.

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How do I sign up for NY Alert?

Go to the “SIRS” link on the MVCC home page. The SIRS link is an internet based student and staff system that will allow you to enter your information into the NY Alert system. The information you enter is held as confidential and will only be used by the State Officer of Emergency Management (SEMO) to provide you with emergency information should there be an incident.

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How much does NY Alert cost?

There is no cost for the NY Alert service.

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Is NY Alert mandatory?

NY Alert is a voluntary service provided by the State of New York to all SUNY campuses. Information provided us for notification purposes only. There are no advertisements or non-emergency alerts.

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What is NY Alert?

New York Alert is an instant, mass notification system which enables students, employees and parents to receive emergency notifications and updates through SMS text messaging, emails, and/or fax.

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What should I do if I receive a NY Alert?

If you receive a NY Alert, do the following:

  • Read the message carefully – do not ignore it.
  • Alert others. Whether you are in a residence hall, classroom, dining hall or any campus facility, let those around you know that NY Alert has been activated. This is an important method to spread the word of an emergency.
  • Follow the instructions carefully. Be aware, if the situation requires it, further messages will be transmitted by NY Alert.
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When will NY Alert be used?

ONLY in an emergency. NY Alert may be used if there is an impending natural disaster such as a tornado, if there is an imminent threat on campus such as a fire, bomb threat, or active shooter.

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