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Evacuation and Shelter In Place

EVACUATE: Proceed immediately to the neatest exit in an orderly fashion. DO NOT use the elevators. Keep low or as close to the floor as possible if smoke is present at or near your eye level. After leaving the building, move well away from it taking care not to block entry and exit to the building. DO NOT re-enter the building until being notified by Public Safety or other law enforcement has given the “all clear” notification.

DISTANCING: You may be asked to evacuate a building or an area within a building due to emergency circumstances. Some examples may be:

•Hazardous Incident (biological, chemical, radiological)
•Fire or explosion
•Odor of gas or noxious substance

When you evacuate:
•Follow instructions
•Do not use elevators
•Take what you need, not what you want.
•Pay attention to your surroundings
•Plan ahead


SHELTER IN PLACE:The term, Shelter in Place, means to seek immediate shelter and remain there during an emergency rather than evacuate the area. Certain events may necessitate Shelter in Place protocols. All college personnel and students are to remain in the rooms they currently are in. At no time should anyone leave until the situation has been resolved. This will allow Public Safety, law enforcement and other emergency operations persons to address the building or campus emergency or threat and reduce the risk of contact with any innocent bystanders in the immediate area. Some events may be:

  • Hazardous Incident (biological, chemical, radiological)
  • Man Made Event (active shooter, bomb threats)
  • Natural Events (straight line wind, tornado)
  • Other Events (hostile intruder, violent person)


DO NOT open doors for anyone unless their identity has been verified. Stay away from windows, doors and outside walls.
Anyone outside during a situation which requires sheltering in place should go to the closest building unless otherwise directed.