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Emergency Red Phones

In an effort to expedite communication in the event of an emergency, Mohawk Valley Community College has implemented 'Red Emergency Phones,' in every building on the Utica campus. These phones can be used during an emergency to contact the Department of Public Safety by dialing extension 5777. There are a total of 29 emergency red phones scattered throughout all of the buildings across campus. These phones should be utilized during emergency situations such as crimes in progress or a medical emergency.

On the Rome Campus, there are also red emergency phones that are to be utilized for the same emergency situations. On any of the red emergency phones on the Rome Campus, dial 7270 for direct contact to the Department of Public Safety. The locations of the red phones on the Rome Campus are as follows:

Academic Building

  • Located near room 104
  • Located near room 212
  • Located near room 308
  • Located near the east entrance by the handicap accessibility ramp

Plumley Complex

  • Lower level located near the elevator
  • Atrium located near the elevator
  • Second floor located near the elevator