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Crime Prevention & Safety


  • Use good judgment and stay aware of your surroundings
  • Carry your Student ID at all times – if a college official requests it you must present it
  • Choose the safest route to your destination; use well-lit busy pathways, parking lots and streets
  • Ask a friend to accompany you if it is after dark
  • Or call for an escort if you are on campus and are uncomfortable walking alone
  • Do not leave your vehicle unlocked at any time
  • Do not leave valuable items in plain view in your vehicle- If you have no other   option, place them in your trunk for added security
  • Do not leave valuable items unattended at any time, even if it is brief
  • Do not attend off campus social events alone and don’t leave those events alone
  • Do not lend money or items to anyone you are not familiar with
  • Report any suspicious activity to the DPS, an RD or RA, or any college official as soon as possible
  • Report any suspicious activity, utilize the Hawkeye Tip anonymous reporting system 

If you are a victim of a crime, report it. You can choose to pursue the case criminally and/or have it handled by the Office of Civic Responsibilities, or you can choose to report the incident but not take any action. It is encouraged that you report the incident even if you do not want anything done, it will allow the Department of Public Safety to be aware of the incident and track any patterns that may exist



  • Never lend your room key or Student ID to anyone – report immediately if you lose either to get a replacement
  • Keep a record of serial numbers of computers, printers, TVs, iPods, cell phones, and other valuable electronics
  • Lock your door, whenever you leave your room
  • Ensure your guests are escorted at all times – they are your responsibility while they are here 
  • Report any unusual activity to your RA
  • Never hold a Residence Hall door open for strangers
  • Never prop a Residence Hall door open
  • Keep your valuables secure in a small lock box or secret place
  • Never dress in front of an exposed window, draw your blinds so no one can see into your room

Remember that your Residence Hall is not just a place where you sleep and study; it is also your home and community while you’re attending MVCC. Living on Campus is a privilege and part of being a responsible community member is to take pride in your environment by reporting instances of vandalism, as well as situations you observe which may negatively affect the building’s overall safety, security and condition. Your guests, friends, and roommates should be encouraged to develop a similar attitude toward their environment.



In addition to keeping these safety tips in mind, all faculty, staff and students of Mohawk Valley Community College, as well as community guests, should be aware that both Utica and Rome campuses are under video surveillance twenty-four hours a day. The video surveillance is monitored and recorded as an additional tool to foot patrol, to further ensure the safety and security of everyone on campus. Recorded footage may be used as evidence in a criminal and/or judicial investigation.

The Mohawk Valley Community College Student Handbook states, "At any time a security camera review identifies a person(s) responsible for vandalism or damage, a Conduct Officer reserves the right to complete no further investigation and may expeditiously sanction the responsible person(s). The student will be subject to the standard appeal process."



The College reserves the right to take action against any individual who has willfully provided a statement/report that is found to be false. The steps that may be taken are outlined under the Student Code of Conduct or on the Office of Human Resources website.