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Emergency Blue Light Phones

Mohawk Valley Community College Utica Campus has twelve emergency blue light phones located across the campus. These portals are specifically designed to be seen easily in the dark, and that is why they are blue. The emergency blue light phones are to be utilized for emergency situations such as a crime in progress or a medical emergency. The phones allow for the user to simply open the box and push a button to connect with the Department of Public Safety. The emergency blue phones allow for easy accessibility and fast communication during emergencies.

The emergency blue phones on the Utica Campus are located in the following areas:

1) Maintenance parking lot

2) East rear side of the gymnasium

3) West front side of the gymnasium

4) Payne Hall faculty south side

5) Academic Building west side along Administrator's parking lot

6) Academic Building south side along inner campus

7) Science and Technology Building along the A2 parking lot

8) Alumni College Center south side near Penfield Hall

9) Dorm Parking Lot south side

10) Information and Technology Building along the maintenance parking lot

11) Information and Technology Building along the inner campus

12) Dorm Parking lot north side


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