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Pivot Table

View a sample MVCC Budget Pivot Table


At Mohawk Valley Community College, we utilize Evisions' Argos Enterprise Reporting Solution to extract the budget data used in our budget pivot from Banner into a .csv file. The data is copied from the .csv file to a sheet we call pivot data within the budget excel workbook. Another sheet titled DIVS contains the divisions and centers which we use to group our budget accounts.  Excel’s VLOOKUP function brings the division and centers into the pivot data sheet giving us all of the data we need for the budget pivot table. The pivot table is located on its own sheet in the workbook. Within the pivot table, we group our accounts by category using the pivot table’s group field option located under the pivot table tools analyze tab. For example, to view the college-wide budget for supplies, click on the “category” drop down box and click “select all” to clear the selection; scroll down to “supplies” and check the box.  Click ok and the pivot table refreshes to show only the "supplies" category.  You can filter any of the yellow highlighted columns in the sample MVCC Budget Pivot Table using the filter drop downs.

Help with creating pivot tables can be found at: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Create-a-PivotTable-to-analyze-worksheet-data-A9A84538-BFE9-40A9-A8E9-F99134456576?ui=en-US&rs=en-US&ad=US.

If you have Argos and would like a copy of the data block we use to pull the budget data or if you would like a copy of the SQL to utilize, please email mparry@mvcc.edu.