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COMPASS Scores and Course Placement

Please note that MVCC is no longer using the COMPASS placement test with incoming students.  It has been replaced with the ACCUPLACER exam and the appropriate cut-off scores can be found here.

Reading and writing scores are still good within three (3) years of being taken.


Reading Scores:

Test Code
Test ScoreCourse Placement
ACT270 or above
Ready for college-level reading
56 - 69
DS 090 (Academic Reading) and,
SO 101 (Introduction to Sociology) or,
PY 101 (Introduction to General Psychology) required**
55 or below
DS 051 (Essential Reading and Study Skills) and,
ED 112 (Critical Thinking and Reasoning) required

**Students in AOS or certificate programs with no social science requirement are exempt from SO 101 and PY 101



Writing Scores:

Test CodeTest ScoreCourse Placement

EN 101 (English 1: Composition)

EN 110 (Oral and Written Communication)
ONLY for appropriate Technology majors

EN 105 (English Composition for Speakers of Other Languages)
ONLY for non-native speakers

EN 106 (English 1: Composition and Reading)
ONLY for students who score below a "70" on the reading test


English as a Second Language (ESL) testing
and advisement required**


EN 099 (Introduction to College English) required
EN 090 (Basic Writing Skills) required


Score pending

**All English as Second Language Students must be direct to meet with ESL faculty (Academic Building 152) for placement results and advising.



Mathematics Scores:

COMPASS Math scores are no longer used for the placement of students into MVCC math courses.  Any student that has not successfully completed a Math course or has a math placement test score that are older than one (1) year, should be referred to the Placement Testing Office.  The office can be reached at (315) 731-5802.

David Yahnke
Placement Testing Coordinator
Phone: (315) 792 - 5458

Nolan Snyder
Technical Assistant
Phone: (315) 731 - 5802

Utica - Payne Hall 104A

Email Placement Testing

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