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Remote Testing and Proctoring

Remote Testing and Proctoring Services

MVCC Remote Placement Test Proctoring

Students living a significant distance from the college or who are selecting an online course may request to take the placement test at a location closer to their home.

Students interested in this option must call our Assessment and Testing Center Office at (315) 731-5802. The only acceptable location and proctor for our placement test is a College Testing Center. Please note that there is usually a fee required by the remote testing site. After completing your test, please contact the Assessment and Testing Center for further instructions.

After you have found your college test site, please fill out our MVCC Proctor Agreement Request Form at least four (4) business days before your planned test session date.

College Exam Proctoring Services

The Assessment and Testing Center can serve as a proctor for another college's placement test or college course exams.  Our services are available Monday through Friday, 8:30am-2:30pm. Please note that there are charges for the use of our proctors and lab.

For a placement test, there is a $15/per hour fee. For college course exam there is a $25/per test session fee.  Students are responsible for filling out and faxing back the MVCC Proctor Agreement Request form.

Please note that the MVCC Proctor Agreement Request Form should be returned to us with at least four (4) business days’ notice to allow us to contact the other institution and to receive their test login information.  For more information please call us at (315) 731-5802.

David Yahnke
Placement Testing Coordinator

Phone: (315) 792 - 5458

Nicole Benton
Technical Assistant - Placement Office

Phone: (315) 731 - 5802


Utica Campus - Payne Hall 104A

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