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Jamie Cuda

Faculty Image

Jamie Cuda

Assistant Professor

Nursing & Allied Health

Office: Payne Hall, Room 373

Telephone: 315.792.5473

Faculty Office Hours

All matriculated  students will be assigned a  Faculty Advisor by the first week of class. For advisement during the fall and spring semesters, students must contact their assigned advisor in order to register for courses.  The preferred method of contact is email.

Faculty office hours are available on this webpage, course syllabi, and Blackboard postings.  Office hours can also be obtained by request via email or phone. Students may also call faculty directly to confirm current office hours. Faculty with offices on campus have office hours posted on their door.
Students may contact any allied health advisor when their assigned advisor is unavailable.

Faculty do not have office hours over the winter break or during the summer semester.  Please access the College Calendar located on the MVCC website to obtain specific dates.  For advisement during the summer term, students are able to make an appointment by contacting the Advisement Centers on either the Utica Campus at 315.731.5710, or on the Rome Campus at 315.334.7709.

For additional assistance, students may call 315.792.5375, the office of the Associate Dean of Nursing and Allied Health.

Fall 2015 Schedule

CRN: 15974
CRN 16900
CRN 13787
CRN: 13376
CRN 12542
CRN: 16901
CRN 10331
CRN 15973
HC120 Medical Assist. Externship MTWRF, CRN: 15977, UTICA