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Sound examples

Sound examples

         2.  An early electronic work.

         3. A live piano improvisation on the American folk song, "Watfering Stranger" - no editing or tweaking.  

         4. A later electronic work. "Elegy on the Death of Atahualllpa". He was was the last Inca King in Peru.

        Any comments or qustions about the material below or about anything on this website can be sent to me by E-mail. My E-mail address is:






The Facebook group, Postminimal, linked below contains  electronic works by me and other members of Steve Mosher's group:

Below are links to some  Piano Improvisations:

             1. is"Pastel I", i a free form.

              2.THe second, "Well -Tempered Improvisation", is a duet of two improvisations in Vallotti and Young well-temperament for electronic harpsichord and electronic vibs. I did not edit or tweak my two improvisations. The vib improvisation used an arpeggiator.

Below ares a few electronic compositions of mine: the titles are -

1. Resurrection

2. Robots Eating Dinner      (For the Bellingham Electronic Arts Festival, May, 2011 ,Western Washington University)

3. Musical settings for art work of Michael Hafftka, an American painter.

"Joan of Arc 3 " is a musical setting of a photo of a painting which is posted on Eric Arymn Ingmaandsen's Facebook page; he told me me he did not make the photo. This is a mix of new material and a few tracks  from 2 attempts I made over the last 17 years to create a work about Joan. The soldier's chorus at the end was improvised  this week  from Akai vowel sounds and Joan's voice itself and her "voices" were recorded this week from Akai short phrase samples. For the older material : background Latin singing  and so forth was made from Native instruments phonemes. I used Kyma granulation programs to produce noise effects such as fire like sounds and so forth . All this material with mixed meters and mixed tempos was counterpointed via Reason's Record.

Below is my Facebook profile time line . There are lots of examples of music works on it.