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Some Related Web Sites 

    The following  web addresses are for electronic music organizations:


  The following five web addresses are for information about just-intonation:

The next website listed below is an extensive bibliography of research articles about microtonality.

If you have an interest in fractals, for a start try:

This site below contains very technical information about FM.


This site contains selected topics about mathematics and music (mostly electronic music). Previous to the production of sound and music by electronic media the ability to do arithmetic was probably enough of a mathematical background to understand most aspects of music. A good place to start to learn about this earlier theory of music is the book, "On the Sensations of Tone", by Hermann Helmholtz. It was published in 1864 and is still in print and it is still used as a reference at times in articles on technical topics in electronic music. The advent of electronic music has somewhat changed this situation.

Page four contains material on microtonality, especially just intonation and well-tempered scales. Page six contains material on the following topics: sound synthesis, algorithymic composition and sound processing to compose music or create sound.

Page 9 contains lots of information about sound production and training for this type of work.

The third website below is the website of the Foundation Center for Microtonal Music in the Netherlands. It is loaded with a lot of good information about microtonal music.

The websites below contain lot of improvised electronic music ( among lots of other things).

The fourth link directly below is my Facebook profile and timeline page.