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A brief bibliography

A brief bibliography

1.Miranda, Eduardo , " Composing Music with Computers", (Focal Press, 2001).

2. Xenakis, Iannis, " Musiques Formelles",(la revue musical,paris 1963). This book has been translated and published in English.

3.Haba, Alois, " New Treatise of Harmony", (Letpzig,Kistner, 1927). This book was written in German and also published in Spanish. It contains scales of 12,19,24,30 and 36 equal tempered tones. He spells out all the chords in each scale but does not tell how to use them.

4. Roads Curtis, " Microsound", (MIT Press, 2001).

5. Chowning, John, " The Synthesis of Complex Audio Spectra by Means of Frequency Modulation ", in the "Journal of the Audio Engineering Society", 21(7),1971.

6. Roads,C. and Strawn J.,editors," Fouundations of Computer Music ", (MIT Press, 1985).

7. Chowning, John and Bristow, David, (1986) "FM Theory & Applicaions- by Musicians for Musicians". Tokyo: Yamaha. IBSN 0-02-864682-7.

8. Blackwood, Easley, " The Structure of Diatonic Tunings", (Princeton University Press,1985). Blackwood builds a strong case for equal temperament but admits the value of well-tempered scales in some cases. Perhaps a computer could re-tune "on thr fly" some of his examples he rejects in just-intonation.

9. Barnsley, Michael, " Fractals Everywhere",(Academic Press,Inc., 1988).

10. Perle, George, " Twelve-Tone Tonality", 2nd edition. (University of California Press,1996.

11. Russcol, Herbert, " The Liberation of Sound", (Da Capo Press, 1994). IBSN-0-306-76263-3.

For a lengthy bibliography of articles written about the theory of microtonal scales try this web address:


12. Loy, Gareth, "Musimathics", The mathematical foundation of music- volume 1.

13. Loy, Gareth, "Musimathics", The mathematical foundation of music- volume 2.

Volumes 1&2 of "Musimatics" are an encyclopedic exposition of the mathematical foundations of music engineering for the non-specialist. Volume 1 is 608 pages long ; volume 2 is 576 pages.

14. Benson, David J., "A Mathematical Offering'

This 452 page text book is meant for teachers and students. The interplay between math and music is developed. The book seems to be intended for undergraduate students with a solid math background and who have an interest in music rather than vice-versa.

15. Dodge,Charles, "Computer Music" Schimer Books

16. "Chaos and Fractals", 2nd edition, 2004, Peitgen,Jurgens, and Saupe, Springer-Verlag, New york,Inc. This above book has something for ever one from layman,student,teacher to other professionals

17. "Tuning" 1915 , Owen H. Jorgensen, Michigan State University Press - the perfection of 18th century tuning, the lost art of 19 th century temperament, the science of equal temperament and instructions for aural and electronic tuning.

18. "Just Intonation"1949, Dr. A. D. Fokker, the Hague, Martinus Nijhoff.

19. Here is a web site with practical information on acoustics :