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Spring 2013 Vice President's List

Jul 11, 2013

Mohawk Valley Community College, located in Utica and Rome, N.Y., is proud to announce the names of students whose high academic performance has qualified them for recognition as members of the Vice President's List for the recently completed Spring 2013 semester.

The Vice President's List at MVCC recognizes students who achieve a grade-point average between 3.50 and 3.74. To be eligible for these honors, full-time students must have successfully completed 12 or more attempted hours; and part-time students must have successfully completed 6 attempted hours.

Listed below are students on the president's list organized by hometown:

Student’s Name, Major - Hometown State

Mikhayela  Mardar , Nursing - Antelope CA
Molly P. Derso , Individual Studies  - Roswell GA
Luis H. Magalhaes , School Facilities Mgmt. Cert. - Blairstown NJ
Dure H. Afzal , Accounting - Rockaway NJ
Melanie E. Messier , Radiologic Technology - Albany NY
Michele B. Auriemma , Telecom Tech-Verizon NextStep - Amsterdam NY
Christopher J. Tyler , Telecom Tech-Verizon NextStep - Amsterdam NY
Jodi J. Khouri , Culinary Arts Management - Ava NY
Elizabeth  Leisenring , General Studies - Ava NY
Lynn A. Szpyrka , Accounting - Ava NY
Kayla M. DeGraw , General Studies - Bainbridge NY
Todd J. Schuler , Nursing - Baldwinsville NY
Kimberly E Braunlich , Nursing - Barneveld NY
Julia A. Butler , Individual Studies  - Barneveld NY
Samantha M. Pritchard , General Studies - Barneveld NY
Elizabeth E. Ree , Individual Studies  - Barneveld NY
Katrina M. Urbanik , General Studies - Barneveld NY
Kelsey N. Bach , General Studies - Blossvale NY
Andrew C. Boni , Computer Aided Drafting - Blossvale NY
Kayla J. Jacobs , Liberal Arts: Psychology - Blossvale NY
Mark A. Merrell , Airframe-Powerplant Tech Cert. - Blossvale NY
Jamie S. Schorer , Business Management - Blossvale NY
Alex P. Webster , Criminal Justice - Blossvale NY
Michael F. Alger , General Studies - Boonville NY
Myra L. Buckingham , Individual Studies  - Boonville NY
Amy Elizabeth Czajka , Business Management - Boonville NY
Kaitlin M. Linder , General Studies - Boonville NY

Shelby L. Markham , Accounting - Boonville NY
Matthew J. Pfendler , EST - Elect. Maint. - Boonville NY
Lindsay N. Pritchard , Individual Studies  - Boonville NY
Krista L. Rhone , Individual Studies  - Boonville NY
Carmella R. Rizzo , LA and SCI:Childhood Ed - Boonville NY
Vincent M. Urgan , Airframe-Powerplant Tech Cert. - Boonville NY
Alexandria E. Williams , Nursing - Boonville NY
Eric A. Leonard , General Studies - Bridgeport NY
Kaylee M. Massey , Chem Dependency Practitioner - Bridgewater NY
Sean E. Welch , D.P., Programming and Systems - Bridgewater NY
Emanuel  Alejo , Criminal Justice - Bronx NY
Renssalaer T. Lee , General Studies - Bronx NY
Austin J. Mikuszewski , General Studies - Brookfield NY
Lyne R. Jean-Louis , General Studies - Brooklyn NY
Michael G. Shillieto , Mech Tech-Aircraft Maintenance - Burlington Flats NY
Sadie M. Chapman , Individual Studies  - Camden NY
Rita M. Cook , Science-Biology - Camden NY
Michele L. DeLaRoche , Surgical Tech Cert. - Camden NY
Bruce E. Gokey , Computer Sci.: Cybersecurity - Camden NY
Joanna L. Keil , Human Services - Camden NY
Thomas E. Kenealy , Telecom Tech-Verizon NextStep - Camden NY
Nora C. Tucker , Human Services - Camden NY
Corine L. Underwood , Human Services - Camden NY
Kelly K. Woodcock , Nursing - Camden NY
Rebekah C. Boyd , Photography - Canastota NY
Samantha K. Savage , Restaurant Management - Canastota NY

Christopher M. Lorence , Digital Animation - Carthage NY
Rebecca A. Pirger , General Studies - Cassville NY
Jesse A. Lloyd , Individual Studies  - Chadwicks NY
Elizabeth A. Kovaleski , Accounting - Chittenango NY
Ryan M. Coogan , Chef Training Cert. - Clark Mills NY
Stephanie P. Hamlin , Liberal Arts: Psychology - Clark Mills NY
Katie L. Moran , General Studies - Clayville NY
Ashley C. Moreau , Nursing - Clayville NY
Matthew J. Martin , Criminal Justice - Cleveland NY
Cassandra J. Dummermuth , General Studies - Clifton Park NY
Jon D. Scott , Telecom Tech-Verizon NextStep - Clifton Park NY
Leigh E. Broomfield , Liberal Arts: Psychology - Clinton NY
Daniel J. Calcara , General Studies - Clinton NY
Colin F. Creedon , Nursing - Clinton NY
Alexa N. Franco , Individual Studies  - Clinton NY
Michael D. Pavese , Individual Studies  - Clinton NY
Shawna L Paye , Accounting - Clinton NY
Nirmala  Pokharel Sharma , AHC:Medical Coding and Billing - Clinton NY
Margaret S. Yoxall , General Studies - Clinton NY
Rickey D. Dickinson , Welding Certificate - Cropseyville NY
Jessica A. McGovern , Media Marketing - Deansboro NY
Kara Lyn Hunter , Surgical Tech Cert. - Deerfield NY
Craig A. Rugari , Business Management - Deerfield NY
Misty S. Ferguson , Criminal Justice - Dolgeville NY
Kaleigh C. Dixon , Welding Technology - Durhamville NY
Amy L. Hall , General Studies - Durhamville NY
Renee A. Pawlikowski , Criminal Justice - Durhamville NY

Judy L. Smith-Gorton , General Studies - Durhamville NY
Kayla P. Morgan , Individual Studies  - Earlville NY
Ryan A. Mechan , Respiratory Care - Edmeston NY
Amy J. Squier , General Studies - Edmeston NY
Shawn T. Field , Airframe-Powerplant Tech Cert. - Elmira NY
Nicole  Fain , General Studies - Flushing NY
Thomas A. Heller , Ed. SL Interpretation - Fonda NY
Terrance P. Gabbidon , Computer Information Systems - Forestport NY
Julia G. Ahrens , Nursing - Fort Plain NY
Michael D. Dubiel , Welding Technology - Frankfort NY
Christina L. Ferrucci , Radiologic Technology - Frankfort NY
David D. Gould , General Studies - Frankfort NY
Megan E. Greenfield , Chem Dependency Practitioner - Frankfort NY
Daniel M. Gross , Accounting - Frankfort NY
Yuliya  Kunitskaya , Nursing - Frankfort NY
Joseph D. Main , Computer Information Systems - Frankfort NY
Jessica L. Main , Human Services - Frankfort NY
Aschlee K. Mucitelli , Individual Studies  - Frankfort NY
Alyssa L. Percola , Photography - Frankfort NY
Amanda N. Perri , Fine Arts - Frankfort NY
Giuseppe S. Purpura , Engineering Science - Frankfort NY
Galina  Runkevich , Individual Studies  - Frankfort NY
Jaime A. Seaman , Nutrition and Dietetics - Frankfort NY
Katie J. Trease , Nursing - Frankfort NY
Haleigh L. Welch , General Studies - Frankfort NY
Jacqueline L. Scranton , Airframe-Powerplant Tech Cert. - Fulton NY
Andrea M. Lisk , Nursing - Glenfield NY

Maria L. Mcallister , Ed. SL Interpretation - Gloversville NY
Melissa J. Wameling , Criminal Justice - Herkimer NY
Charles M. Webster , Air Conditioning Technology - Herkimer NY
Ashley A. Heinrich , Individual Studies  - Holland Patent NY
Sophie  Kwiatkowski , General Studies - Holland Patent NY
Rachel L. Nadeau , Radiologic Technology - Holland Patent NY
Leeann  Paolini , Accounting - Holland Patent NY
Aarin A. Rizzuto , Photography - Holland Patent NY
Richard T. Balch , LA: Public Policy - Ilion NY
Jessica R. Bishop , Individual Studies  - Ilion NY
Christina M. Faubert , General Studies - Ilion NY
Christina M. Ham , Nursing - Ilion NY
Christina L. Hoke , Human Services - Ilion NY
Talen C. Major , Welding Technology - Ilion NY
Kelsey E. McCann , General Studies - Ilion NY
Timothy A. Nicolette , Business Administration - Ilion NY
Macie L. Bertrand-Boyanski , Fine Arts - LaFargeville NY
Aaron J. Morczek , Carpentry and Masonry Cert. - Lee Center NY
Shelbey D. Rose , General Studies - Lee Center NY
Nicholas J. Theilmann , Computer Information Systems - Lee Center NY
Tracey M. Federico , Nursing - Little Falls NY
Sarah J. Friot , Medical Assistant Cert. - Little Falls NY
Bryan R. Herringshaw , Nursing - Little Falls NY
Kimberly A. Hilligas , Photography - Little Falls NY
Chelsea R. Kretser , Nursing - Little Falls NY
Luis R. Aguilo , Mech Tech-Aircraft Maintenance - Lowville NY
Keith W. Hardy , Graphic Design - Lowville NY
Nicholas A. Fairbrother , Welding Technology - Marcy NY

Melissa M Hillage , Human Services - Marcy NY
Mike O. Mancuso , Electrical Eng. Technology - Marcy NY
Deborah A. Monaghan , Business Management - Marcy NY
Dale M. Romleski , General Studies - Marcy NY
Kyle P. Rowlands , Civil Eng. Technology - Marcy NY
Daniel L. Shaw , Culinary Arts Management - Marcy NY
Justin T. Silver , Electrical Eng. Technology - Massena NY
Lacey L. Barry , Photography - McDonough NY
Kaleigh N. Boyer , Individual Studies  - Mexico NY
Jeremy P. Snell , Carpentry and Masonry Cert. - Mohawk NY
Stephanie T. Treadwell , Radiologic Technology - Mohawk NY
Emily A. Griff , Nursing - Munnsville NY
Joseph C. Owens , Individual Studies  - Munnsville NY
Raymond W. Burdick , EST - Elect. Maint. - New Berlin NY
Steven W. Abbe , Airframe-Powerplant Tech Cert. - New Hartford NY
Melissa A. Barr , Nursing - New Hartford NY
Santina M. Bonacci , Accounting - New Hartford NY
Jennifer A. Campau , Science-Physical Education - New Hartford NY
Linda M DeRocco , Telecom Tech-Verizon NextStep - New Hartford NY
Deanna M. DiNardo , Radiologic Technology - New Hartford NY
Morgan J. Engesser , Criminal Justice - New Hartford NY
Andrew M. Kimball , Engineering Science - New Hartford NY
Megan N. Kirkham , General Studies - New Hartford NY
Kirsten M. Learnard , General Studies - New Hartford NY
Gary J. McConnell , Business Administration - New Hartford NY

James T. Millett , General Studies - New Hartford NY
Faizan S. Munir , Science-Biology - New Hartford NY
Christina M. Nessia , Liberal Arts: Psychology - New Hartford NY
Cheron L. Regis , Fine Arts - New Hartford NY
Rachel E. Wilmot , Administrative Assistant - New Hartford NY
Joseph E. Garceau , Business Management - New York Mills NY
Philip H. Panella , Criminal Justice - New York Mills NY
Tabetha Annette Pollock , Business Management - New York Mills NY
Joseph  Prilutsky , Computer Information Systems - New York Mills NY
Jessica Kelly Bartlett , Chem Dependency Practitioner - Newport NY
Deanna M. Castro , Business Management - Newport NY
Justine V. Jeffers , Liberal Arts: Psychology - Newport NY
Geoffrey D. Holmes , General Studies - North Syracuse NY
Nicole M. Rickard , General Studies - Ohio NY
Jason  Perkins , Criminal Justice - Old Forge NY
Calvin B. Risley , Criminal Justice - Old Forge NY
Joshua L. Armitage , Chem Dependency Practitioner - Oneida NY
Joshua M. Chesebro , EST - Elect. Maint. - Oneida NY
Michelle A. Cyphert , Liberal Arts: Psychology - Oneida NY
Matthew O. Durant , General Studies - Oneida NY
Maureen M. Ferris , AHC:Medical Coding and Billing - Oneida NY
Sandra L. Harp , Human Services - Oneida NY
Stephanie D. Howe , Medical Assistant Cert. - Oneida NY
Hope E. McCormick , AHC:Medical Coding and Billing - Oneida NY
Barry Michael Pardee , General Studies - Oneida NY
Alexandria A. Pisarczyk , Human Services - Oneida NY
Michelle M. White , Nursing - Oneida NY
Thomas J. Talbot , Science-Physical Education - Oneonta NY

Joseph L. Chapple , Welding Certificate - Oriskany NY
Janusz  Lock , Industrial-Comm. Elect.Cert. - Oriskany NY
Mark J. Treen , Carpentry and Masonry Cert. - Oriskany NY
Nicole Lynn Elefante , Human Services - Oriskany NY
Kara M. Hollowell , LA: Adolescent Ed.  - Penn Yan NY
Patrick  Adrion , Telecom Tech-Verizon NextStep - Petersburgh NY
Randall Edward Lubeck , Geospatial Technology - Poland NY
Sanela  Selimovic , Business Management - Poland NY
Tricia M. Yager , Photography - Poland NY
Danielle M. Brown , Respiratory Care - Port Leyden NY
Sarah E. Scouten , Nursing - Port Leyden NY
Pamela L. Foster , Individual Studies  - Remsen NY
Shannon L. Greene , General Studies - Remsen NY
Lori B. Hall , General Studies  - Remsen NY
Jamie L. Strobel , Chem Dependency Practitioner - Remsen NY
Carolann M. Hill , Human Services - Richfield Springs NY
Erica L. Hunt , Individual Studies  - Richfield Springs NY
Jessica L. Schultz , Individual Studies  - Richfield Springs NY
Zachary N. Moore , General Studies - Rochester NY
Rachael  Alexander , Human Services - Rome NY
Nathaniel R. Alger , General Studies - Rome NY
Laura Y. Amodio , Individual Studies  - Rome NY
Katelyn E. Barton , General Studies - Rome NY
Barbara J. Bochniak , General Studies - Rome NY
Stephanie L. Burns , Financial Services Management - Rome NY
Joshua R. Butler , Accounting - Rome NY
Dirk D. Card , Engineering Science - Rome NY

Meghan A. Carlo , Engineering Science - Rome NY
Joseph R. Christofaro , Cybersecurity Cert. - Rome NY
Adam K Coe , Civil Eng. Technology - Rome NY
Kelley A. Dolan , Accounting - Rome NY
Jacob A. Enos , Manufacturing Production Tech - Rome NY
Kelsey F. Ensminger , Radiologic Technology - Rome NY
Frankie  Fabian , Computer Information Systems, - Rome NY
Allyson E. Fiorenza , Radiologic Technology - Rome NY
Cara J. Forbes , Liberal Arts: Psychology - Rome NY
Alexandra K. Furney , LA and SCI:Childhood Ed - Rome NY
Elena C. Giamporcaro , Recreation and Leisure Svcs. - Rome NY
Christin J. Griffith , Science-Biology - Rome NY
Jessica L. Haase , Human Services - Rome NY
Kenneth A. Hartman , Criminal Justice - Rome NY
Samantha M. Hert , Science - Rome NY
Layna M. Hurley , Individual Studies  - Rome NY
Denise E Internicola , General Studies - Rome NY
Brittany M. Janes , LA and SCI:Childhood Ed - Rome NY
Kimberly S. Johnson , Individual Studies  - Rome NY
Rowena  Keoviengsamay , Small Business Mgmt. Cert. - Rome NY
Tyler E. King , Science-Biology - Rome NY
Kristen N. Konight , Restaurant Management - Rome NY
Zachary W. Kotary , Business Administration - Rome NY
Bre'Anna S. Kotary , Business Administration - Rome NY
Deanna M. Lewis , Individual Studies  - Rome NY
Jacob V. Martin , General Studies - Rome NY

Matthew R. Mcquinn , Air Conditioning Technology - Rome NY
Tiffany L. Mumpton , Liberal Arts: Psychology - Rome NY
Katelyn A. Nitti , Business Management - Rome NY
Brandon M. Noga , General Studies - Rome NY
Tamera L. Pape , Ed. SL Interpretation - Rome NY
Brandon J. Petrie , Criminal Justice - Rome NY
Taylor A. Pettinelli , Criminal Justice - Rome NY
Ingrid V. Quiceno , Business Management - Rome NY
Melissa  Quinones , Administrative Assistant - Rome NY
Luis D. Ramirez , General Studies - Rome NY
Ryan A. Reader , Computer Science - Rome NY
Matthew P. Recchio , Computer Information Systems - Rome NY
John B. Riggleman , Surgical Tech Cert. - Rome NY
Patricia M. Roe , Business Management - Rome NY
Michael P. Schmitt,  Business Management - Rome NY
Victoria L. Selvetti,  Telecom Tech-Verizon NextStep - Rome NY
Megan S. Szymanski,  Human Services - Rome NY
Jason E. Szymanski,  CNY Machinist-Cert. - Rome NY
Christopher K. Thiesen, Business Management - Rome NY
Trevor C. Thomas,  EST - Elect. Maint. - Rome NY
Michael A. Thomas,  Business Administration - Rome NY
Julie A. Tittus,  Graphic Design - Rome NY
Brandy J. Turner,  Medical Assistant Cert. - Rome NY
Sheri L. Underwood,  Nursing - Rome NY
Marc A. Uvanni,  Computer Sci.: Cybersecurity - Rome NY
Margaret G. Visalli,  Accounting - Rome NY

Tashia M. Walker,  General Studies - Rome NY
Brock M. White,  General Studies - Rome NY
James E Wolcott,  Industrial-Comm. Elect.Cert. - Rome NY
Penny L. Carl,  Human Services - Rome NY
Marleen S. Smith,,  Restaurant Management - Saint Johnsville NY
Andrew P. Pierson,  Mech Tech-Aircraft Maintenance - Saranac Lake NY
Cody A. Blunt,  Air Conditioning Technology - Sauquoit NY
Cassandra L. Malek,  General Studies - Sauquoit NY
Gerrard G. Parry,  Carpentry and Masonry Cert. - Sauquoit NY
Jason A. Rozell,  Civil Eng. Technology - Sauquoit NY
Holli N. Ford,  Individual Studies  - Sherrill NY
Lindsey B. Haskell,  Graphic Design - Shortsville NY
Laura E. Boucher,  Nutrition and Dietetics - Taberg NY
Andrew R. Castle,  Civil Eng. Technology - Taberg NY
Russell O. Cole,  Nursing - Taberg NY
Melissa  Kirby,  Science-Biology - Taberg NY
Jennifer M. Knowles,  General Studies - Taberg NY
Corey L. Newton,  Illustration - Taberg NY
Karla M. Aguilar,  Criminal Justice - Utica NY
Safiya M. Akhmedova , General Studies  - Utica NY
Melisa  Bahtiri,  Individual Studies  - Utica NY
Cassidy A. Baris,  Liberal Arts: Psychology - Utica NY
Stephanie T. Baum,  Liberal Arts: Psychology - Utica NY
Fuad  Becic,  Computer Information Systems - Utica NY
David A. Betti,  Criminal Justice - Utica NY
Alex A. Brown,  General Studies - Utica NY
Gionna M. Bruzzese,  Hotel Tech-Meeting Services - Utica NY
Cory M. Cantales,  Computer Science - Utica NY

Sade M. Cardin,  Human Services - Utica NY
Victoria J. Celella,  Radiologic Technology - Utica NY
Brandee A. Collins,  Computer Information Systems - Utica NY
Saw  Corrado,  Air Conditioning Technology - Utica NY
John C. Cousins,  General Studies - Utica NY
Benjamin L. Derrane,  Engineering Science - Utica NY
Shanon F. Fehlner,  Business Administration - Utica NY
Lisa M. Fidler,  Human Services - Utica NY
Shannon M. Fox,  Human Services - Utica NY
Saw  Franco,  Mathematics - Utica NY
Sheena M. Gibson,  Individual Studies  - Utica NY
Brianna M. Giruzzi,  Science - Utica NY
Noelle S. Graniti,  Radiologic Technology - Utica NY
Journey  Gyi,  Photography - Utica NY
Elena  Hamzic,  Radiologic Technology - Utica NY
Alicia M. Heath,  Mathematics - Utica NY
Mihreta  Heco,  General Studies - Utica NY
Natallia V. Hrytsevich,  Individual Studies  - Utica NY
Adnan  Huric,  Nursing - Utica NY
Elmedina  Ibrica,  Computer Sci.: Cybersecurity - Utica NY
Krishna  Kafley,  Criminal Justice - Utica NY
Emina  Karajic,  Accounting - Utica NY
Fikreta  Karajic,  Individual Studies  - Utica NY
Ka P. Lay,  Accounting - Utica NY
Tobiloba O. Majaro,  Science - Utica NY
Mary L. Maran,  General Studies - Utica NY
Susan E. Marshall,  LA and SCI:Childhood Ed - Utica NY

LeQuinn D. Mason,  Graphic Design - Utica NY
Kenisha T. Morrison,  Criminal Justice - Utica NY
Danielle C. Nelson,  Human Services - Utica NY
Sovanneary B. Neou,  Fine Arts - Utica NY
Dylan R. Newman,   General Studies - Utica NY
Katerin  Pimentel,  ESL Certificate - Utica NY
Joseph M. Pizzo,  Civil Eng. Technology - Utica NY
Nambinintsoa  Rajaonah,  Electrical Eng. Technology - Utica NY
Fariba  Razai,  Medical Assisting - Utica NY
Adis  Redzic,  Air Conditioning Technology - Utica NY
Leah M. Roman-Medina,  General Studies - Utica NY
Kaitlyn D. Rose,  Human Services - Utica NY
Mehmed  Sakanovic,  General Studies  - Utica NY
Paw Ser  Soe,  International Studies - Utica NY
Sarah C. Sperling,  Graphic Design - Utica NY
Sergey I. Stadnik,  Airframe-Powerplant Tech Cert. - Utica NY
Chalice D. Story,  Digital Animation - Utica NY
Elizabeth A. Sullivan,  Respiratory Care - Utica NY
Francis R. Suppa,  Welding Technology - Utica NY
Carrie A. Swearingen,  Business Management - Utica NY
David I. Tatarevich,  Criminal Justice - Utica NY
James E. Thackrah,  Computer Aided Drafting - Utica NY
Tuyet  Tran,  General Studies - Utica NY
Joshua D. Wayman,  Fine Arts - Utica NY
Andrew R. Wiegand,  Criminal Justice - Utica NY
Marcus A. Wilson,  General Studies - Utica NY
Esma  Zagorica,  Chem Dependency Practitioner - Utica NY
Michelle Lynn Argen,  Individual Studies  - Utica NY

Mary C. Baker,  Chem Dependency Practitioner - Utica NY
Danielle G. Barker,  Liberal Arts - Utica NY
Monica  Best,  Telecom Tech-Verizon NextStep - Utica NY
Amanda E. Bronga,  Radiologic Technology - Utica NY
Tara L. Brown,  Individual Studies  - Utica NY
Nicole A Bush,  General Studies - Utica NY
Diana R. Compitello,  Criminal Justice - Utica NY
Corey R. Cook,  Computer Science - Utica NY
Michael Lewis Cornmire,  General Studies - Utica NY
Michael R. Costantine,  Telecom Tech-Verizon NextStep - Utica NY
Jason S. Crandall,  Business Management - Utica NY
Ross  Deater,  Photography - Utica NY
Stephanie M. Dishaw,  Business Management - Utica NY
Tracy Margaret Eckerson,  General Studies - Utica NY
Michelle A. Gaetano,  Liberal Arts: Psychology - Utica NY
Sonia E. Garcia,  Individual Studies  - Utica NY
John A Gaspa,  Criminal Justice - Utica NY
Christopher D. Gonzalez,  Accounting - Utica NY
John R. Greco,  Air Conditioning Technology - Utica NY
Gavan L. Greco,  Liberal Arts : Math and Science - Utica NY
Mallory A. Green,  General Studies  - Utica NY
Julie M. Hamacher,  Human Services - Utica NY
Bercely  Hurtado,  Engineering Science - Utica NY
Desiree J. Knight,  Criminal Justice - Utica NY
Adelle M. Koscinski,  Liberal Arts: Psychology - Utica NY
Benjamin N. Leshkevich,  Computer Information Systems - Utica NY
Joshua W. Luizzi,  Science-Sports Medicine - Utica NY
Sergey  Matskevich,  EST - Elect. Maint. - Utica NY

Joshua D. Mattocks,  Individual Studies  - Utica NY
Ashley R. McAllister,  LA and SCI:Childhood Ed - Utica NY
AnnMarie Michelle Mesick,  General Studies - Utica NY
Robert C. Mueller,  Computer Aided Drafting - Utica NY
Cristina M. Nudo,  LA: Adolescent Ed. - Utica NY
Matthew S. O'Bryan,  General Studies - Utica NY
Pasith J. Palaphanh,  Individual Studies  - Utica NY
John P. Parry,  LA: Adolescent Ed. - Utica NY
Tatyana  Pavlova,  Nursing - Utica NY
Joseph H. Pratt,  D.P., Programming and Systems - Utica NY
Sara E. Roback,  General Studies - Utica NY
Justin J. Schofield,  Business Management - Utica NY
Jessica M. Shilling,  Radiologic Technology - Utica NY
Patricia A. Smith,  Individual Studies  - Utica NY
David L. Smith,  Welding Certificate - Utica NY
Emmanuel  Vazquez,  Criminal Justice - Utica NY
Sian-Kierre Monet Walker,  Human Services - Utica NY
Eric  Walls,  Business Administration - Utica NY
Kathleen C. Ward,  LA and SCI:Childhood Ed - Utica NY
Amanda D. Garrett,  Liberal Arts - Utica NY
Christina Marie Allen,  Chem Dependency Practitioner - Utica NY
Gabriel A. Richardson,  Digital Animation - Utica NY
Clarissa A. Fisher,  Administrative Assistant - Vernon NY
Marcus N. Foley,  Illustration - Vernon NY
Joan M. Link,  Civil Eng. Technology - Vernon NY
Jonathan W. Swalgin,  Graphic Design - Vernon NY
Katie J. Watkins,  Radiologic Technology - Vernon NY

Ann M. Bravick,  Accounting - Verona NY
Brooke E. Cavanagh,  LA and SCI:Childhood Ed - Verona NY
Heather L. Kupris,  Liberal Arts: Psychology - West Edmeston NY
Edward Allen Chapman,  Computer Information Systems - West Winfield NY
Daniel D. Roberts,  Mathematics - West Winfield NY
Racheal S. Wood,  Liberal Arts: Psychology - West Winfield NY
Michael J. Born,  Web Development - Westernville NY
Taryn A. Jessen,  General Studies - Westernville NY
Christian I. DeRoche , Science - Westmoreland NY
Eric J. Thrasher , Air Conditioning Technology - Westmoreland NY
Christine L. Brindisi , Human Services - Whitesboro NY
Alicia M. Fall , Chem Dependency Practitioner - Whitesboro NY
Samantha R. Franchell , Nursing - Whitesboro NY
Alexandra R. Gigliotti , Nutrition and Dietetics - Whitesboro NY
Brendan C. Heitz , General Studies - Whitesboro NY
Quentin V. Keesler , Radiologic Technology - Whitesboro NY
Lauren M. Komnick , Media Marketing - Whitesboro NY
Katherine M. Larish , Recreation and Leisure Svcs. - Whitesboro NY
Elizabeth M. Lenaghen , Liberal Arts: Psychology - Whitesboro NY
Jennifer J. Munn , General Studies - Whitesboro NY
Audrey L. Peckham , Individual Studies  - Whitesboro NY
Amanda L. Rhone , Liberal Arts: Psychology - Whitesboro NY
Mackenzie R. Scharf , Financial Services Management - Whitesboro NY
Dillon M. Shanne , General Studies - Whitesboro NY
Christi L. Stone , Science-Sports Medicine - Whitesboro NY
Dominik K. Wise , General Studies - Whitesboro NY
Nicole C. Zito , Culinary Arts Management - Whitesboro NY
Richard F. Pavlick , Respiratory Care - Worcester NY

Chad L. Daley , Nursing - Yorkville NY
Paul M. Diskin , Computer Information Systems - Yorkville NY
Cassandra T. Flihan , General Studies - Yorkville NY
Heather M. Fransman , General Studies - Yorkville NY
Cynthia A. Vogel , Fine Arts - Yorkville NY
Yuri  Iwamori , Graphic Arts Technology - Iseshi Mie
Yukako  Hasegawa , Hotel Tech-Meeting Services - Izumi
Felix A. Perez-Fuentes , Business Administration - Los Tequas
Masaya  Inagaki , International Studies - Nagoya Aichi
Yuta  Kimura ,  Business Administration - Nagoya Aichi
Mitsuhiro  Makino , Computer Science - Toyohashi Aichi
Jessica Claude Abega , Business Management - Yaounde
Jessica L. Sege , Chem Dependency Practitioner 
Billie-Jo  Williams , Nursing

Marketing & Communications

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