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Spring 2013 President's List

Jul 11, 2013

Mohawk Valley Community College, located in Utica and Rome, N.Y., is proud to announce the names of students whose high academic performance has qualified them for recognition as members of the President's List for the recently completed Spring 2013 semester.

Included on the list are the following students:

Name, Hometown, State - Degree or Certificate Program.

The President's List includes 861 students who achieved a grade-point average of 3.75 or higher (of a possible 4.00). To be eligible for these honors, full-time students must have successfully completed 12 or more attempted hours; and part-time students must have successfully completed 6 attempted hours.

Listed below are students on the president's list organized by hometown:

Student’s Name, Major - Hometown State

Ryan P. Litchard, Business Management - Saline MI
Tyler E. Radcliff, General Studies - Burgaw NC
Edward J. Kushpa, School Facilities Management - Port Reading NJ
Jacob A. Dowker, Graphic Design - Adams NY
Matthew J. Villa, Telecom Tech-Verizon NextStep - Albany NY
Joann M. Ballard, Liberal Arts - Alder Creek NY
Julianna K. Sharples, Science-Biology - Amsterdam NY
Anthony  Zarrelli, Telecom Tech-Verizon NextStep - Amsterdam NY
Donna M. Porter, School Facilities Management - Auburn NY
James  Brady, Mechanical Eng. Technology - Ava NY
Sue D. Burgdorf, Nursing - Mainstream - Ava NY
Nicholas C. Hintz, Airframe-Powerplant Tech Cert. - Ava NY
Heather L. Phillipp, Criminal Justice - Ava NY
Brian J. Theall, Financial Services Management - Ava NY
Kenneth D. Wheadon, Criminal Justice - Ava NY
Katelyn A. Prouty, Digital Animation - Bainbridge NY
Joseph S. Covich, Liberal Arts: Theater - Barneveld NY
Charles J. Derider, EMS-Paramedic - Barneveld NY
Michael P. Kain, General Studies - Barneveld NY
Hilary C. Kraft, Fine Arts - Barneveld NY
Christopher L. Shepherd, Engineering Science - Barneveld NY
Donald Christian Simpson, Chemical Dependency Practitioner - Barneveld NY
Lauren A. Vosburgh, Telecom Tech-Verizon NextStep - Barneveld NY
Noah A. Arnold, Welding Technology - Bath NY

Jeri L. Whowell, Individual Studies  - Bernhards Bay NY
Jacob D. Abbuhl, Liberal Arts - Blossvale NY
Melissa N. Boni, Liberal Arts: Psychology - Blossvale NY
Scott M. Coleman, Telecom Tech-Verizon NextStep - Blossvale NY
Courtney M. Foster, Criminal Justice - Blossvale NY
Michael C. Hobbs, Criminal Justice - Blossvale NY
Joshua J. Pawlikowski, International Studies - Blossvale NY
Samantha K. Seymore, Liberal Arts: Psychology - Blossvale NY
Gerald S. Wargo, Computer Information Systems - Blossvale NY
John V. Bourgeois, Mechanical Eng. Technology - Boonville NY
Sara L. Brown, Individual Studies  - Boonville NY
Elizabeth A. Fox, Individual Studies  - Boonville NY
Brett A. Iseneker, Airframe-Powerplant Tech Cert. - Boonville NY
Terry L. Kerney, Individual Studies  - Boonville NY
Amy L. LaLone, Individual Studies  - Boonville NY
Benjamin T. Lonsway, Respiratory Care - Boonville NY
Carlos H. Pulquerio, Science-Biology - Boonville NY
Stacey S. Southwick, Accounting - Boonville NY
Amy  Woodworth, Accounting - Boonville NY
Ashley S. Meyers, Photography - Bouckville NY
Shannon L. Bridge, Administrative Assistant - Bridgewater NY
Suzanne K. Fidler, Administrative Assistant - Bridgewater NY
Christine E. Roberts, Administrative Assistant - Bridgewater NY
Robert C. Bintz, Human Services - Broadalbin NY

Ejikeme J. Nwankwo, Criminal Justice - Bronx NY
Christopher M. Jagiello, Airframe-Powerplant Tech Cert. - Buffalo NY
Joshua M. Albanese, Photography - Camden NY
Tyler D. Beckwith, Computer Aided Drafting - Camden NY
Briana L. Britton, Chemical Dependency Practitioner - Camden NY
Angelo L. DePasquale, Business Management - Camden NY
Sara N. Donahue, Photography - Camden NY
Gary F. Farr, Human Services - Camden NY
Erin M. Moynihan, Human Services - Camden NY
Jared M. Platt, Criminal Justice - Camden NY
Andrew S. Platt, Engineering Science - Camden NY
Cherie L. Russell, Accounting - Camden NY
Christopher J. Scott, Computer Sci.: Cybersecurity - Camden NY
Sara K. Spellicy, Nursing - Camden NY
Brittany N. Willson, Chemical Dependency Practitioner - Camden NY
George R Wood, Air Conditioning Technology - Camden NY
Lisa M. Ager, Radiologic Technology - Canastota NY
Robert L Cooper, Medical Assisting - Canastota NY
Seth T. Frost, Accounting - Canastota NY
John A Giacona, EMS-Paramedic - Canastota NY
Scott A. Havens, Computer Information Systems - Canastota NY
Michelle L. Havens, Computer Information Systems - Canastota NY
Kirt S. Jones, Mechanical Eng. Technology - Canastota NY
Sara M. Pulverenti, Chemical Dependency Practitioner - Canastota NY
Daniel T. Colucci, Culinary Arts Management - Canastota NY

Robert W. Lashure, Airframe-Powerplant Tech Cert. - Canisteo NY
Nathaniel A. Butler, Welding Technology - Canton NY
Jenny L. Tuggle, Welding Technology - Carthage NY
Kacey A. Hanley, General Studies - Cassville NY
Sarah N. Lucia, Culinary Arts Management - Cassville NY
Shannon C. Mish, Human Services - Cassville NY
Andrew C. Patterson, General Studies - Cassville NY
Anthony E. Stock, Radiologic Technology - Cassville NY
Faith D. Yanes, Individual Studies  - Cassville NY
Robert L. Burton, Respiratory Care - Chadwicks NY
Michael P. Harrigan, Web Development - Chadwicks NY
Lonny Joseph Tupaj, Air Conditioning Technology - Chadwicks NY
Corey R. Hyde, Welding Technology - Chaumont NY
Alex R. Rodriguez, School Facilities Mgmt. Cert. - Chittenango NY
Erica  Nystrom, Individual Studies  - Cicero NY
Jennifer D. Covel, Criminal Justice - Clark Mills NY
Julie M. Stoddard, Chemical Dependency Practitioner - Clark Mills NY
Peter J Evans, Carpentry and Masonry Cert. - Clayville NY
Brittany M. Kane, LA and SCI: Childhood Education - Clayville NY
Brian J. Madore, Air Conditioning Technology - Clayville NY
Kimberly M. Turley, Individual Studies - Clayville NY
Ashley A. Walker, Criminal Justice - Clayville NY
Robert A. Brookins, Business Management - Cleveland NY
Maria C. Byrne, Hotel Tech-Meeting Services - Cleveland NY
John P. Byrne, Liberal Arts - Cleveland NY

Qinji L. Allen, AHC: Medical Coding and Billing - Clinton NY
Hans P. Christeler, Nutrition and Dietetics - Clinton NY
Tricia L. Cleveland, Radiologic Technology - Clinton NY
Susan Marie Danielski, Business Management - Clinton NY
Courtney Renee Dreimiller, Surgical Tech Cert. - Clinton NY
Virginia I. Haines, Nursing - Clinton NY
Mark T. Hanna, Graphic Design - Clinton NY
Richard H. Howlett, Computer Sci.: Cybersecurity - Clinton NY
David M Hughes, Media Marketing - Clinton NY
Benjamin T. Kirk, Individual Studies  - Clinton NY
Josh L. March, Science-Physics - Clinton NY
Jennifer M. Matcham, Fine Arts - Clinton NY
Casey A. McMichael, General Studies - Clinton NY
Michael  Mirarchi, Air Conditioning Technology - Clinton NY
Linda A. Oyer, Telecom Tech-Verizon NextStep - Clinton NY
Nathaniel S. Paul, Criminal Justice - Clinton NY
Karen A. Pavese, Individual Studies  - Clinton NY
Morgan D. Pianka, General Studies - Clinton NY
Eric  Plante, Computer Information Systems - Clinton NY
Rebecca L. Ramsey, Computer Information Systems - Clinton NY
Heather R. Schaap, Web Development - Clinton NY
Jonathan Gage Searles, Business Management - Clinton NY
Sydney J. Sutcliffe, Photography - Clinton NY
David C. Wilbur, Media Marketing - Clinton NY
Claesen C. Wyckoff, General Studies - Clinton NY
Anthony  Zegarelli, Photography - Clinton NY
Erica M. Carter, Criminal Justice - Cold Brook NY

Summer L. Comstock, General Studies - Cold Brook NY
Bobbi J. DeLucia, Human Services - Cold Brook NY
Elmira N. Fedorov, Individual Studies  - Cold Brook NY
Sharyn K. Martin, General Studies - Cold Brook NY
Gordon P. Miller, School Facilities Mgmt. Cert. - Cold Brook NY
Desirae L. Ernst, General Studies - Constableville NY
Marcus R. Painter, Mathematics - Constableville NY
Jeffrey M. Branigan, Science-Physics - Cooperstown NY
Adelbert M. Cleaveland, Liberal Arts: Psychology - Cooperstown NY
Danielle M. Del Giudice, Individual Studies  - Deansboro NY
Ashley E. Peck, Culinary Arts Management - Deansboro NY
Christian T. Stewart, Photography - Deansboro NY
Evelina E. Andronovich, Nursing - Deerfield NY
Lorraine Ann  Fresne, Graphic Design - Deerfield NY
Taylor J. Laribee, Criminal Justice - Deerfield NY
Cody P. Rider, Business Administration - Deerfield NY
Kaci L. Anderson, Graphic Design - Delhi NY
Karissa N. Payne, Hotel Tech-Meeting Services - Delhi NY
Anna M. Barfield, Photography - Delmar NY
Debra L. Marshall, Chemical Dependency Practitioner - Dolgeville NY
Stephanie  Northrup, Business Management - Dolgeville NY
Kaitlyn A. Sellin, Administrative Assistant - Durhamville NY
Trevor S. Coye, Civil Eng. Technology - Earlville NY
Trevor K. Hovick, Computer Sci.: Cybersecurity - Edmeston NY
Samuel R. Schneider, Welding Technology - Elbridge NY
Derek A. Stroh, Mechanical Eng. Technology - Erieville NY
Meghan K. Vann, General Studies - Fly Creek NY
Harry K Isaacs, EST – Electrical Maintenance - Forestport NY
Shaun E. Isaacs, EST – Electrical Maintenance - Forestport NY

Sara M. Merritt, Nursing - Mainstream - Forestport NY
Ty C. Newell, Accounting - Forestport NY
Erin E. Slegaitis, LA: Adolescent Ed.  - Forestport NY
Maia C. Swasey, Photography - Forestport NY
John S. Murphy, Mech. Tech-Aircraft Maintenance - Forestport NY
Gregory J. Campione, Welding Certificate - Fort Plain NY
Christian J. Bunce, General Studies - Frankfort NY
Carrie E. Cardona, Accounting - Frankfort NY
Anita M. Daly, Graphic Design - Frankfort NY
Gayle A. Dunn, Nursing - Mainstream - Frankfort NY
Jazzmyne S. Ferrell, Individual Studies  - Frankfort NY
Heather Y. Foster, Individual Studies  - Frankfort NY
Francesco  Gaetani-Liseo, Radiologic Technology - Frankfort NY
Justin M. Keator, Welding Technology - Frankfort NY
Eric P. LaVeck, Welding Certificate - Frankfort NY
Yelena  Leontyeva, ESL Certificate - Frankfort NY
Shauna M. Lombardo, Criminal Justice - Frankfort NY
Daniel C. Long, General Studies - Frankfort NY
Amanda N. MacDougald, Liberal Arts: Psychology - Frankfort NY
Andrew D. Owen, Business Management - Frankfort NY
David  Petrushenko, Engineering Science - Frankfort NY
James A. Pollard, Individual Studies  - Frankfort NY
Shirley J. Randazzo, Radiologic Tech, pre-Radiology - Frankfort NY
Russell Jeffrey Rockwood, Air Conditioning Technology - Frankfort NY
Christopher S. Smith, Chemical Dependency Practitioner - Frankfort NY
Donald J. Testa, Electrical Eng. Technology - Frankfort NY
Kyrill A. Verenich, Computer Information Systems - Frankfort NY

Kyle L. King, Mech. Tech-Aircraft Maintenance - Fulton NY
Andrew J. Dibble, Fire Protection Tech - Glenfield NY
Katelin A. Brink, Administrative Assistant - Gloversville NY
Michael A. DeLuke, Ed. SL Interpretation - Gloversville NY
Thomas J. Perham, Welding Technology - Gloversville NY
Benjamin D. Hughes, Airframe-Powerplant Tech Cert. - Gouverneur NY
Jared M. Prashaw, Welding Technology - Gouverneur NY
Johnathan D. Convertino, Electrical Eng. Technology - Hamilton NY
Hillary P. Sherwood, General Studies  - Hamilton NY
Alice B. Virden-Speer, Photography - Hamilton NY
Adrian J. - Avallone, Airframe-Powerplant Tech Cert. - Harrisville NY
Alycia C. Feyh, Nursing - Hastings NY
Tejay D. Chilluffo, Fire Protection Tech - Herkimer NY
Jennifer A. Coleman, Nursing - Mainstream - Herkimer NY
Erin C. Cotton, Nursing - Herkimer NY
Beckylee  Gray, Individual Studies  - Herkimer NY
Tracy L Hoch, D.P., Programming and Systems - Herkimer NY
William J. Lowery, Nursing - Herkimer NY
Erlene A. Manning, Nursing - Herkimer NY
David J. Maxwell, Accounting - Herkimer NY
Jason W. McGuire, Chemical Dependency Practitioner - Herkimer NY
Russell D. Webster, EST – Electrical Maintenance - Herkimer NY
Brian G. Whittredge, Airframe-Powerplant Tech Cert. - Herkimer NY
Carlleen D. Taylor, LA: Adolescent Ed. - - Hinckley NY
Jessica N. Taylor, Media Marketing - Hinckley NY

Marc A. Martz, Welding Certificate - Hoffmeister NY
Zachary M. Cook, Accounting - Hogansburg NY
Tyler D. Wuest, General Studies - Holland  Patent NY
Brandon M. Adams, Welding Certificate - Holland Patent NY
Jeffrey T. Blouin, Individual Studies  - Holland Patent NY
Jennifer Anne Darling, Nursing - Holland Patent NY
John W. Hull, Welding Technology - Holland Patent NY
Sara J. Mierek, Human Services - Holland Patent NY
Alice L. Mitchell, General Studies - Holland Patent NY
Alexis V. Nadeau, Graphic Design - Holland Patent NY
Paige  Pfendler, EMS-Paramedic - Holland Patent NY
Benjamin T. Wadas, General Studies - Holland Patent NY
Ashley J. Kearney, Mech. Tech-Aircraft Maintenance - Horseheads NY
Stacie A. Smith, Nursing - Hubbardsville NY
Carly A. Bechard, Nursing - Ilion NY
Andrew D. Brown, Welding Certificate - Ilion NY
Melinda D. Culver, Nursing - Ilion NY
Brittany N. Engert, LA: Adolescent Ed. - - Ilion NY
Kyle M. Grosse, EST – Electrical Maintenance - Ilion NY
Sarah E. Mal- Avasic, General Studies - Ilion NY
Marissa A. Maldonado, LA and SCI: Childhood Education - Ilion NY
Joseph A. Rose, CNC Machinist Technology - Ilion NY
Caleb C. Treat, Mechanical Eng. Technology - Ilion NY
Madison R. Vitale, LA and SCI: Childhood Education - Ilion NY
Jeffrey A. Shaver, Machinist Technology Cert. - Johnstown NY
Connie A. Aiello, Culinary Arts Management - Lee Center NY
Joseph M. Andros, General Studies - Lee Center NY
Debra A. Antolin, LA and SCI: Childhood Education - Lee Center NY
Theresa M Destito, Culinary Arts Management - Lee Center NY
Julie M. Hicks, Business Management - Lee Center NY

Chelsea A. Holz, Accounting - Lee Center NY
Kevin S. Kay, Carpentry and Masonry Cert. - Lee Center NY
Bonnie J Natarelli, Human Services - Lee Center NY
Jacob A. Palmer, Airframe-Powerplant Tech Cert. - Lee Center NY
Laura L. Scales, Photography Certificate - Lee Center NY
Zachary G. Wade, General Studies - Lee Center NY
Paul M. Wagner, Criminal Justice - Lee Center NY
Craig J. Cammarata, School Facilities Management - Levittown NY
Teresa N. Coffin, Liberal Arts: Psychology - Little Falls NY
Eric J. Lockwood, Welding Certificate - Little Falls NY
Micaela M. Altieri, Graphic Design - Liverpool NY
Tracy M Worden, Computer Information Systems - Lyons Falls NY
Thomas D. Austin, AHC: Medical Coding and Billing - Madison NY
J. Drew DeLand, Welding Certificate - Madison NY
Haley V. Harrington, General Studies - Madison NY
Sharon  Hinderliter, Culinary Arts Management - Madison NY
Joshua L. Peavey, General Studies - Madison NY
Shaela S. Purcell, Fine Arts - Madison NY
Crystal G. Burch, Radiologic Technology - Marcy NY
Michael S. Burnett, Pre-Environmental Science - Marcy NY
Jessica M. Coddington, Business Management - Marcy NY
Michele L. Daly, Chemical Dependency Practitioner - Marcy NY
Renee L. Daniels, Ed. SL Interpretation - Marcy NY
Brittany A. Dow, Graphic Design - Marcy NY
Maria Elena Gibson, General Studies  - Marcy NY
Vincent A. Hand, General Studies - Marcy NY

Lana  Kozakevich, Electrical Eng. Technology - Marcy NY
Paul P Krukar, Air Conditioning Technology - Marcy NY
Ryan A. Lecher, Human Services - Marcy NY
Robert G. Lett, Air Conditioning Technology - Marcy NY
Patrick M. Malinowski, Cybersecurity Certificate - Marcy NY
Jaimie L. Mancini, Individual Studies  - Marcy NY
Joseph A. Metacarpa, Digital Animation - Marcy NY
Kassandra C. Mullen, Liberal Arts: Psychology - Marcy NY
Aviheya A. Zhushma, Nursing - Marcy NY
Brianna A. Georgia, General Studies - Maryland NY
Jeffrey R. DiGeorgio, Web Development - Mohawk NY
Dale M. Edwards, CNC Machinist Technology - Mohawk NY
Heather E. Hight, Individual Studies  - Mohawk NY
John B. Leonard, Accounting - Mohawk NY
Brittany R. Macrina, LA and SCI: Childhood Education - Mohawk NY
Michael D. Ritton, Welding Technology - Mohawk NY
Adam J. Sovocool, Surveying Technology - Mohawk NY
Raymon A. Upson, Accounting - Mohawk NY
Shannon M. Luckey, General Studies - Montgomwery NY
Heather L. Ames, Individual Studies  - Munnsville NY
Ethan Z. Jones, General Studies - Munnsville NY
Marilyn  Abbott, LA: Childhood Education - New Hartford NY
Fedor V Avrusevich, Accounting - New Hartford NY
Kelly E. Bishop, Business Administration - New Hartford NY
Sarah A. Burgess, Hotel Tech-Meeting Services - New Hartford NY

Beverley J. Burton, Nutrition and Dietetics - New Hartford NY
Philip J. Chapman, General Studies - New Hartford NY
Julie L. Crever, Nursing - New Hartford NY
Maxwell J. Darman, General Studies - New Hartford NY
Kristin N. Donaldson, LA: Childhood Education - New Hartford NY
Lauren K. Eadline, Science - New Hartford NY
Kristen L. Elmer, Accounting - New Hartford NY
Garrett R. Evans, Science-Biology - New Hartford NY
Judith  Giannatelli, Web Development - New Hartford NY
Mary E. Gigliotti, Science - New Hartford NY
Daniel C. Haggerty, Criminal Justice - New Hartford NY
Deana L. Hansen-Danis, Culinary Arts Management - New Hartford NY
Nicholas J. Horth, LA and SCI: Childhood Education - New Hartford NY
Jenna L. Jackson, Individual Studies  - New Hartford NY
Sean M. Mazzatti, Electrical Eng. Technology - New Hartford NY
Joanne G. McKennan, Graphic Design - New Hartford NY
Francesca A. Murad, LA and SCI: Childhood Education - New Hartford NY
Madeline R. Palumbo, General Studies - New Hartford NY
Danielle  Peplinski, LA and SCI: Childhood Education - New Hartford NY
David M. Peters, General Studies - New Hartford NY
Bradley W. Preston, Criminal Justice - New Hartford NY
Brandon J. Pudney, Business Management - New Hartford NY
Alexandra E. Raynard, Business Management - New Hartford NY
Jessica E. Rudnitski, General Studies - New Hartford NY
Christopher S. Russell, Business Administration - New Hartford NY
Derek R. Schmitzer, EST – Electrical Maintenance - New Hartford NY

Elizabeth R. Stanek, Liberal Arts - New Hartford NY
Angela M. Stotts, General Studies - New Hartford NY
Sonia  Tal, Business Administration - New Hartford NY
Julianne C. Tirado, Criminal Justice - New Hartford NY
Katie  Toti, General Studies - New Hartford NY
Mark  Vasco, General Studies - New Hartford NY
Matthew J. Vedete, Lib Arts & Science-Mathematics - New Hartford NY
Victoria E. Kane, Accounting - New Hartford NY
Tamer H. Elsioufi, Engineering Science - New Hartford NY
Francessca N. Then, Criminal Justice - New York NY
Robert S. Bond, Surgical Tech Cert. - New York Mills NY
Chad C. Englert, Criminal Justice - New York Mills NY
Nickcole M. Garcia, Individual Studies  - New York Mills NY
Justin M. Hall, General Studies - New York Mills NY
S- Avannah L. Heselton, Human Services - New York Mills NY
Andrew R. Kovac, Accounting - New York Mills NY
Corey A. McCarthy, Accounting - New York Mills NY
Anne M. Miner, Business Management - New York Mills NY
Kerissa B. Nagel, Individual Studies  - New York Mills NY
S- Avannah E. Price, Administrative Assistant - New York Mills NY
Nia A. Seward, Digital Animation - Newark Valley NY
Christina Y. Kulesa, Human Services - Newport NY
Patrick J. Lang, Graphic Design - Newport NY
Stephen G. Levesque, Airframe-Powerplant Tech Cert. - Newport NY
Andrew Nathan Miller, General Studies - Newport NY
James C. Stapleton, School Facilities Mgmt. Cert. - Niskayuna NY
Gabriella E. Young, Welding Technology - Norfolk NY

Paul E. Allen, Air Conditioning Technology - North Bay NY
Nicolai M. Giedraitis, Engineering Science - North Brookfield NY
Joseph J. Nolan, Individual Studies  - Norwich NY
Dominick S. DeSiato, EMS-Paramedic - Ohio NY
Annette G. Decker, Individual Studies  - Old Forge NY
Christopher L. Beck, Accounting - Oneida NY
Christine B. Bishop, Cybersecurity Certificate - Oneida NY
Nichole A. Gorton, General Studies - Oneida NY
Tiffany M. Grago, General Studies - Oneida NY
Victoria A. Griffith, Liberal Arts: Psychology - Oneida NY
Norma J. Happle, General Studies - Oneida NY
Kaleigh M. Holdridge, General Studies - Oneida NY
Ashley E. James, LA and SCI: Childhood Education - Oneida NY
Mitchell C. Loomis, Science-Biology - Oneida NY
Angela E. Partipelo, Nursing - Mainstream - Oneida NY
Ashley A. Seamon, Illustration - Oneida NY
Andrew D. Shepherd, General Studies - Oneida NY
Marisa L. Stokes, General Studies - Oneida NY
Jason M. Welch, Surgical Tech Certificate - Oneida NY
Starlette R. Teater, Liberal Arts: Psychology - Oneida NY
Krystina C. Stillwell, Liberal Arts: Psychology - Oneonta NY
Cody S. Anderson, Pre-Environmental Science - Oriskany NY
Craig S Bronk, Human Services - Oriskany NY
Laura Ann Cicigline, Photography - Oriskany NY
Zachary R. Eberley, Accounting - Oriskany NY
Justin D. Fernalld, Culinary Arts Management - Oriskany NY
Jack B. Paul, Coaching Certificate - Oriskany NY
Richard Bruce Phelps, Chemical Dependency Practitioner - Oriskany NY
Shelby G. SanFilippo, LA: Adolescent Ed.  - Oriskany NY

Teri A. Sykes, Individual Studies  - Oriskany NY
Heather Lynn Widrig, Criminal Justice - Oriskany NY
Jeffrey E. Williamson, Chemical Dependency Practitioner - Oriskany NY
Lisa A. Angle, Nursing - Oriskany Falls NY
Patrick J. Bourdeau, Computer Aided Drafting - Oriskany Falls NY
Daniel R. Drake, Mechanical Eng. Technology - Oriskany Falls NY
Jason J. Eastman, Mechanical Eng. Technology - Oriskany Falls NY
Shayna L. Gaumer, Radiologic Technology - Oriskany Falls NY
Shiloh A. Geglia, Web Development - Oriskany Falls NY
Nicole E. Knapp, Photography - Oriskany Falls NY
Kristine K. Linder, Human Services - Oriskany Falls NY
Shelby E. Ritzel, Criminal Justice - Oriskany Falls NY
Clifford F. Talbot, Accounting - Oriskany Falls NY
Christopher J. Bosco, Criminal Justice - Oswego NY
Eric J. Frank, Welding Technology - Oxford NY
Adam D. Pierson, Criminal Justice - Oxford NY
Paul J. Brissette, School Facilities Management - Parish NY
Gerald J. Reed, Cybersecurity Certificate - Pennellville NY
Troyer J. Gill, Welding Technology - Plessis NY
Brittany N. Allen, LA and SCI: Childhood Education - Poland NY
Anna C. Antonik, LA: Childhood Education - Poland NY
Kate E. Collis, General Studies - Poland NY
Caitlin R. Ferguson, Media Marketing - Poland NY
Pamela J. Neff, Financial Services Management - Poland NY
Nathan A. Parker, Mechanical Eng. Technology - Poland NY
Danielle A. Slifka, Liberal Arts: Psychology - Poland NY

Marena L. Taverne, Ed. SL Interpretation - Poland NY
Phillip James Warren, Accounting - Poland NY
Carlin J. Chruscicki, LA: Public Policy - Port Leyden NY
Christopher J. Harvey, Welding Certificate - Port Leyden NY
Michael V. Harvey, Welding Certificate - Port Leyden NY
Daniel P. Harvey, Welding Certificate - Port Leyden NY
Alison L. Kiser, Nursing - Port Leyden NY
Erica M. O'Brien, Liberal Arts: Psychology - Port Leyden NY
Patricia L. O'Donnell, Chemical Dependency Practitioner - Port Leyden NY
Kevin E. Scheve, General Studies - Port Leyden NY
Heidi A. Barnes, Welding Certificate - Prospect NY
JoAnn M. Doyle, Accounting - Prospect NY
Rebecca M. Davis, LA: Childhood Education - Pulaski NY
Robert A. Rice, General Studies - Pulaski NY
Mark A. Bird, Airframe-Powerplant Tech Cert. - Raquette Lake NY
Mark M. Mondello, Airframe-Powerplant Tech Cert. - Red Hook NY
Debora A. Murphy, Liberal Arts: Psychology - Redfield NY
Scot R. Arthur, General Studies - Remsen NY
Austin R. Donaghue, Criminal Justice - Remsen NY
Ian S. Donaghue, LA: Adolescent Ed.  - Remsen NY
Nicole I. Harris, Computer Information Systems - Remsen NY
Stephen P. Kordziel, Telecom Tech-Verizon NextStep - Remsen NY
Thomas D. Mack, Computer Aided Drafting - Remsen NY
Suzanne M. Smith, Small Business Mgmt. Cert. - Remsen NY
Megan M. Southwick, Individual Studies  - Remsen NY
Lynn R. Surprenant, General Studies - Remsen NY
Stephanie T. Yager, AHC: Medical Coding and Billing - Remsen NY
Jamie R. Pittinaro, School Facilities Mgmt. Cert. - Rochester NY

Tina M. Akers, Business Management - Rome NY
Margielyn C. Aranas, General Studies - Rome NY
Rene Monique Armstrong, Finance - Certificate - Rome NY
Ashley M. Bird, Human Services - Rome NY
Michelle R Bolinski, Business Management - Rome NY
Lauri L Boudreau, Accounting - Rome NY
Maria L Brooks, Accounting - Rome NY
Amanda L. Brown, Radiologic Technology - Rome NY
Abbey A. Cappadonia, Hotel Tech-Meeting Services - Rome NY
Lee D. Carr, Business Management - Rome NY
Robert Dane Christie, EST – Electrical Maintenance - Rome NY
Mary A. Crossway, Chemical Dependency Practitioner - Rome NY
Mathew F. Cushman, General Studies - Rome NY
Julianna A. Dainotto, Nursing - Rome NY
Jason A. Danielski, Chemical Dependency Practitioner - Rome NY
Kaitlyn M. Davidson, Radiologic Technology - Rome NY
Taylor M. Dolan, General Studies - Rome NY
Mandi E. Drake, Fine Arts - Rome NY
Christopher J. Evans, Carpentry and Masonry Cert. - Rome NY
Gregory A. Evans, General Studies - Rome NY
Andrea D. Febres, General Studies - Rome NY
Danielle L. Fields, Nursing - Rome NY
Jay C. Fish, Business Management - Rome NY
Jenna M. French, Business Management - Rome NY
Karen M Froschauer, Human Services - Rome NY
Amy E. Gifford, Human Services - Rome NY
Tamara L. Grant, General Studies - Rome NY
Kristie L Gratch, General Studies - Rome NY

Robert J. Hall, Airframe-Powerplant Tech Cert. - Rome NY
Debbie V Harvey, Accounting - Rome NY
Dain B. Heath, Individual Studies  - Rome NY
Karla  Heinrich, Business Management - Rome NY
Evelyn A. Hluska, Human Services - Rome NY
Teri L. Hoffmeister, Administrative Assistant - Rome NY
Kathleen Ann Janes, Human Services - Rome NY
Nathan E. Keating, General Studies - Rome NY
Olga V. Kirk, Science - Rome NY
Andrea  Koenig, General Studies - Rome NY
Gabhriel H. Kohlbrenner, Ed. SL Interpretation - Rome NY
Arianna G. Kousouros, Photography - Rome NY
Amanda N. Krebs, Medical Assistant Cert. - Rome NY
Eric J. Krebser, Criminal Justice - Rome NY
Barbara L. Krucher, Liberal Arts: Psychology - Rome NY
Tina M. Kyer, Criminal Justice - Rome NY
Damen H. MacDougall, General Studies - Rome NY
Robert J. Marion, Ed. SL Interpretation - Rome NY
Amelia L. Mastrangelo, Business Management - Rome NY
Kathleen A. Maurer, Managerial Accounting Cert. - Rome NY
Dawn Marie Mazur, AHC: Medical Coding and Billing - Rome NY
Rebecca S. McCaulley, Nursing - Rome NY

Mark D. McLaughlin, Machinist Technology Cert. - Rome NY
Jason A. Mesagna, Electrical Eng. Technology - Rome NY
Marc E. Milliman, Mech. Tech-Aircraft Maintenance - Rome NY
Bryant Dario Montano, Respiratory Care - Rome NY
Timothy Scott Murphy, Business Management - Rome NY
Francine  Ng, Business Management - Rome NY
Travis M. Nickles, Business Administration - Rome NY
Autumn Lea Norman, Human Services - Rome NY
Salvatore L. Noti, Computer Information Systems - Rome NY
Diana  Ostapuk, Fine Arts - Rome NY
Stephen J. Pape, Human Services - Rome NY
Heather Marie Pawlak, Financial Services Management - Rome NY
Alison R. Peal, Individual Studies  - Rome NY
Molly E. Peckham, Business Administration - Rome NY
Michael C. Popowski, LA: Public Policy - Rome NY
Paul R Przelski, Respiratory Care - Rome NY
Allan R. Rathbun, Accounting - Rome NY
JoAnn Marie Renzi, AHC: Medical Coding and Billing - Rome NY
Patrick M. Riolo, General Studies - ROME NY
Matthew D. Sadlon, Science-Biology - Rome NY
Lisa M. Sandefer, Telecom Tech-Verizon NextStep - Rome NY
Agatha  Schillace, General Studies - Rome NY
Sebrina M. Sciorilli, Human Services - Rome NY
Tiffany N. Seoane, Nursing - Rome NY
Andrea N. Sherman, Individual Studies  - Rome NY
Kylee M. Slocum, Business Management - Rome NY
Cristin M. Smith, General Studies - Rome NY
Jessica M. Smith, Respiratory Care - Rome NY
Pla  Soe, LA: Childhood Education - Rome NY
Dorothea M. Spraker, Computer Information Systems - Rome NY

Zackary B. Swartfiguer, General Studies - Rome NY
Amber M. Tadlock, Individual Studies  - Rome NY
Amber R. Thrasher, LA: Childhood Education - Rome NY
Miguel E. Todd, Culinary Arts Management - Rome NY
Gaetano  Tosti, Business Management - Rome NY
Earl D. Turner, Chemical Dependency Practitioner - Rome NY
Marianne A. Turner, Individual Studies  - Rome NY
Andrew R. Viola, Human Services - Rome NY
Christina M. Viscelli, Liberal Arts - Rome NY
Brandon T. Vogel, Criminal Justice - Rome NY
Megan L. Vogt, Human Services - Rome NY
Curtis L. Withrow, Airframe-Powerplant Tech Cert. - Rome NY

Rebekah M. Yeater, Fine Arts - Rome NY
Tristan J. Zonnevylle, General Studies - Rome NY
Jessica L. Flaim, Accounting - Rome NY
Timothy F. Flaim, Computer Information Systems - Rome NY
Travis D. Buczek, Welding Certificate - Saint Johnsville NY
Ethan T. Lynch, Welding Certificate - Saint Johnsville NY
Francis J. Roche, Electronic Technician Cert. - Salisbury Center NY
Thomas F. Arcuri, Pre-Environmental Science - Sauquoit NY
Michael D. Baker, General Studies - Sauquoit NY
Nicole M. Burline, Science-Chemistry - Sauquoit NY
Allison M. Clarke, General Studies - Sauquoit NY
Kaitlyn A. Conley, Graphic Design - Sauquoit NY
Willard J. Crawn, Nursing - Sauquoit NY
Elliott Jo Ellsworth, Telecom Tech-Verizon NextStep - Sauquoit NY
Trevor E. Furner, Criminal Justice - Sauquoit NY
Zachary T. Gehrke, Welding Certificate - Sauquoit NY
Tamara L. Hillman, General Studies - Sauquoit NY
Laurene A. Hillman, Radiologic Technology - Sauquoit NY

Cody R. Jacobs, Computer Sci.: Cybersecurity - Sauquoit NY
Travis S. Lallier, Airframe-Powerplant Tech Cert. - Sauquoit NY
Santo J Lamarco, EST – Electrical Maintenance - Sauquoit NY
Victoria L. Parry, Criminal Justice - Sauquoit NY
Karrie Elizabeth Pawloski, AHC: Medical Coding and Billing - Sauquoit NY
Zachary S. Pettersen, General Studies - Sauquoit NY
Robert S. Piper, Civil Eng. Technology - Sauquoit NY
Mark S. Remington, Graphic Design - Sauquoit NY
Michael D. Sisti, Civil Eng. Technology - Sauquoit NY
Cynthia J. Snow, Liberal Arts: Psychology - Sauquoit NY
Patrick Charles Stacy, Illustration - Sauquoit NY
Travis A. Worden, General Studies - Sauquoit NY
Adam Patrick Burney, EST – Electrical Maintenance - Sauquoit NY
Calvin  Young, Telecom Tech-Verizon NextStep - Schenectady NY
Scott A. Stiassney, School Facilities Management - Schuylerville NY
Maureen L. Liggett, Telecom Tech-Verizon NextStep - Scotia NY
Adam R. Zeh, Telecom Tech-Verizon NextStep - Selkirk NY
Melissa M. Lewis, Chemical Dependency Practitioner - Sherburne NY
Anthony R. Eriole, Human Services - Sherrill NY

Lisa Ann Grenier, General Studies - Sherrill NY
Tonya S. Randel, General Studies - Sherrill NY
Paul J Turnbole, Computer Aided Drafting - Sherrill NY
Elaine M. MacLachlan, School Facilities Management - Skaneateles NY
Joseph L. Armstrong, General Studies - Springfield Center NY
Chloe I. Ford, Culinary Arts Management - Springfield Center NY
Danielle J. Danielski, Individual Studies  - Taberg NY
Raymond D. Grogg, Business Management - Taberg NY
Timothy D. Jordan, Criminal Justice - Taberg NY
Aaron J. Lewis, Accounting - Taberg NY
Wendy J. Mitchell, Accounting - Taberg NY
Matthew C. Mondrick, Business Management - Taberg NY
Joshua F. Pitcher, Photography - Taberg NY
Alexis I. Tucker, Photography - Taberg NY
Carol A. VanLieu, Individual Studies  - Turin NY
Hiba K. Abuzaid, General Studies  - Utica NY
Diana C. Aguilar, Media Marketing - Utica NY
Alabbas A. Ali, LA: Public Policy - Utica NY
Arafat M. Alshegaa, Criminal Justice - Utica NY
Yaa Y. Anane, Science-Biology - Utica NY

Thomas M. Anderson, Chef Training Cert. - Utica NY
Vincent R Anderson, Culinary Arts Management - Utica NY
Kayla J. Angerosa, Media Marketing - Utica NY
Allen G. Armstrong, General Studies - Utica NY
Amel  Bacic, Civil Eng. Technology - Utica NY
Allie M. Bonacci, Liberal Arts: Psychology - Utica NY
Armela  Bostandzic, Financial Services Management - Utica NY
Sanela  Bostandzic, Respiratory Care - Utica NY
Nicole M. Broccoli, Respiratory Care - Utica NY
Alyssa A. Brown, Radiologic Technology - Utica NY
Savka I. Browneski, Individual Studies  - Utica NY
Justin  Buck, General Studies - Utica NY
Ashley M. Carparelli, Individual Studies  - Utica NY
Christopher E. Caruso, Web Development - Utica NY
Joseph L. Casiano, Business Management - Utica NY
Ehlah  Christ, ESL Certificate - Utica NY
Jennifer L. Cieslewitz, International Studies - Utica NY
Tasha N. Cooper, LA: Public Policy - Utica NY
Jeanine  Crippen, General Studies - Utica NY
Alexandr G. Curudimov, ESL Certificate - Utica NY
Lilia G. Curudimova, General Studies - Utica NY

Moni  Da, Human Services - Utica NY
Long X. Dang, Computer Information Systems - Utica NY
Angela A. Derrane, Recreation and Leisure Services - Utica NY
David V. Diodati, Financial Services Management - Utica NY
Nedziba  Dizdarevic, General Studies  - Utica NY
Anna I. Dovgulevich, Nursing - Utica NY
Tea  Drincic, Computer Sci.: Cybersecurity - Utica NY
Jordan A. Erario, Fine Arts - Utica NY
Kathryn E. Field, LA and SCI: Childhood Education - Utica NY
Vincent S. Gamboa, Business Management - Utica NY
Htoo P. Gay, General Studies - Utica NY
Sarah E. Gilio, G.S.-Childhood Ed.-Oneonta - Utica NY
Lacey M. Goff, Business Management - Utica NY
Michele L Gorney, Science-Biology - Utica NY
Alween  Guivas-Hernandez, Photography - Utica NY
Poonam  Gurung, Science-Biology - Utica NY
Kayla M. Hajdasz, Human Services - Utica NY
Sharon C. Hawkins, Accounting - Utica NY

Matthew J. Hensel, Business Management - Utica NY
Ku  Hser, Digital Animation - Utica NY
Klo W. Htoo, General Studies  - Utica NY
Rebecca  Htoodi, Criminal Justice - Utica NY
Melissa A. Ingro, Accounting - Utica NY
Azra  Jasarbegovic, Nutrition and Dietetics - Utica NY
Razim  Kapic, Individual Studies  - Utica NY
Rasim  Kendic, Criminal Justice - Utica NY
George J. Kilgore, Science-Biology - Utica NY
Nicolina A. LaBella, General Studies - Utica NY
Ronald J. LaDue, Digital Animation - Utica NY
Green  Land, International Studies - Utica NY
Robert J. Langdon, Fine Arts - Utica NY
Jessica A. Langdon, General Studies - Utica NY
Paw E. Lee, Accounting - Utica NY
Nicholas J. Letosky, Digital Animation - Utica NY
Jason M. Loomis, Computer Science - Utica NY
Ni N. Lwin, Individual Studies  - Utica NY

Shemika F. Marks, Individual Studies  - Utica NY
Francheska N. Martinez, ESL Certificate - Utica NY
Tara L. Mcclusky, General Studies - Utica NY
Bilsena  Mekanic, ESL Certificate - Utica NY
Armin  Mekic, Medical Assistant Cert. - Utica NY
Nihad  Mirvic, Human Services - Utica NY
Jennifer  Morelle, AHC: Medical Coding and Billing - Utica NY
Alison F. Mundschenk, LA and SCI: Childhood Education - Utica NY
Pyayt P. Naing, ESL Certificate - Utica NY
Misha A. Nero, Individual Studies  - Utica NY
John  Nguyen, Computer Information Systems - Utica NY
Nina A. Nguyen, Liberal Arts: Psychology - Utica NY
Linda A. Nobles, Chemical Dependency Practitioner - Utica NY
Safwan A. Noman Ahmed, Science-Biology - Utica NY
Merry  Nu, International Studies - Utica NY
Sarah A. Nutt, Nursing - Utica NY
Caroline A. Odago, Respiratory Care - Utica NY
Fatuma S. Omar, LA and SCI: Childhood Education - Utica NY
Dejla  Omeragic, Business Administration - Utica NY
Sorangel M. Ortiz, Radiologic Technology - Utica NY

Duane R. Ovitt, Business Management - Utica NY
Desiree R. Padgett, Criminal Justice - Utica NY
Andrei Y. Pashkevich, Criminal Justice - Utica NY
Iryna Y. Pashkevich, Nursing - Utica NY
Tha D. Paw, Human Services - Utica NY
Karen D Pezzulo, Nursing - Mainstream - Utica NY
Bao Quoc Pham, Radiologic Technology - Utica NY
Romnea  Pich, Accounting - Utica NY
Kaitlin A. Poissant, General Studies - Utica NY
Yohevian  Polanco, General Studies - Utica NY
Sitrakiniaina  Rajaonah, Electrical Eng. Technology - Utica NY
Laingomalala  Rajaonarisoa, Environmental Anal - Chemical Tech - Utica NY
Enayatullah  Razai, Science-Biology - Utica NY
Mikila M. Richards, Individual Studies  - Utica NY
Eric  Rodriguez, Chemical Dependency Practitioner - Utica NY
Casandra M. Ruffin, General Studies  - Utica NY
Amy P Sabillon, LA: Childhood Education - Utica NY
Thi Da San, ESL Certificate - Utica NY
Mark A Santomassino, Criminal Justice - Utica NY
James M. Sayles, Business Management - Utica NY

Teresa M Schmidt, General Studies - Utica NY
David J. Scott, Welding Certificate - Utica NY
Hay  Tha, ESL Certificate - Utica NY
Moon  Tha Blay, ESL Certificate - Utica NY
Cuong Q. Tran, Photography - Utica NY
Karleigh N. Trotta, Medical Assisting - Utica NY
Ellen M. Udovidchik, Business Administration - Utica NY
Irina  Udovidchik, Nursing - Utica NY
Autumn C. VanEtten, General Studies - Utica NY
Esma  Velic, Computer Sci.: Cybersecurity - Utica NY
Jon-David  Velletto, Restaurant Management - Utica NY
Nicholas J. Visalli, Criminal Justice - Utica NY
Thuy T. Vo, General Studies - Utica NY
Nataliya  Voloshchuk, General Studies - Utica NY
Bethany S. Vroman, AHC: Medical Coding and Billing - Utica NY
Su T. Vuong, Computer Information Systems - Utica NY
Reginald B Warmack, Computer Sci.: Cybersecurity - Utica NY
Breanna M. Williams, Criminal Justice - Utica NY
Michele  Williams, Individual Studies  - Utica NY
Rebecca J. Willis, Human Services - Utica NY

Philiph  Win, General Studies  - Utica NY
Brandon S. Woo, Accounting - Utica NY
Laura E. Wright, International Studies - Utica NY
Olga  Yakimchuk, General Studies - Utica NY
Zaw M. Zaw, General Studies - Utica NY
Sarah B. Allen, Individual Studies  - Utica NY
Samantha M. Amarosa, Individual Studies  - Utica NY
Nadezhda  Avrusevich, Accounting - Utica NY
Belon M. Baker, Individual Studies  - Utica NY
Paul V. Barbaritano, Refrigeration Certificate - Utica NY
Malcolm A. Basi, Welding Certificate - Utica NY
William N. Boucher, Welding Technology - Utica NY
Candice L. Bundzinski, General Studies - Utica NY
Michael J. Burch, Airframe-Powerplant Tech Cert. - Utica NY
Joelle M Burns, Nursing - Utica NY
Rosa A. Cardona, Criminal Justice - Utica NY
Jenna L. Carrock, Radiologic Technology - Utica NY
Eugene A. Carruth, Business Management - Utica NY

Benjamin M. Carver, Industrial-Comm. Electrical Certificate - Utica NY
Daniel R. Chamberlain, Accounting - Utica NY
Pavel  Chmunevich, Accounting - Utica NY
Samantha J. Ciotti, Accounting - Utica NY
Katlynn K. Conley, Liberal Arts: Psychology - Utica NY
Paula K. Cooper, General Studies  - Utica NY
Adnan  Covic, Radiologic Technology - Utica NY
Kevin Q. Curtis, Photography - Utica NY
Cara M. DeCarr, Individual Studies  - Utica NY
Joseph C. Dee, General Studies - Utica NY
Brian G. DelMedico, CNC Machinist Technology - Utica NY
Edward E. Dudek, Fire Protection Tech - Utica NY
Jeanette  Dunbar, Nursing - Utica NY
Jordyn L. Dunlap, LA and SCI: Childhood Education - Utica NY
Kevin D Dunn, Mechanical Eng. Technology - Utica NY
Darren M. Farr, Computer Science - Utica NY
David  Ferenti, Computer Information Systems - Utica NY
Martin J. Flynt, Coaching Certificate - Utica NY
Paul A. Green, Fine Arts - Utica NY
Anna S. Gurina, Human Services - Utica NY
De'Anna I. Hopkinson, Photography - Utica NY
Theodore K. Howard, Mechanical Eng. Technology - Utica NY
Sarah E. Kennedy, Ed. SL Interpretation - Utica NY

Kara C. Kipp, Liberal Arts: Psychology - Utica NY
Marek J. Koscinski, Air Conditioning Technology - Utica NY
Darlene  Le, Accounting - Utica NY
Amanda R. Learnard, Chemical Dependency Practitioner - Utica NY
Joseph A. Massoud, Criminal Justice - Utica NY
Hserchrist  Moo, LA and SCI: Childhood Education - Utica NY
Lana M. Nitti, Individual Studies  - Utica NY
Yolaida F. Parra, Criminal Justice - Utica NY
Meriam A. Pepperine, Nursing - Utica NY
Angela B. Platt, Accounting - Utica NY
Jerrel J. Powers, General Studies - Utica NY
Francis R Powers, Human Services - Utica NY
Robert R. Rogan, General Studies - Utica NY
Luis F. - Romero, Civil Eng. Technology - Utica NY
Gary W. Ryan, Air Conditioning Technology - Utica NY
Michael A. Ryan, Radiologic Technology - Utica NY
Richard C. Semo, General Studies - Utica NY
Sophear  Sin, Individual Studies  - Utica NY
Shannon L. Small, Surgical Tech Cert. - Utica NY
David C. Springer, Airframe-Powerplant Tech Cert. - Utica NY
Dawn Lee Straite, Individual Studies  - Utica NY
Anna  Sulima, ESL Certificate - Utica NY
David A. Sullivan, Individual Studies  - Utica NY
Casimir S. Szatko, Air Conditioning Technology - Utica NY

Alexandra B. Tinelli, General Studies - Utica NY
Alicia  Turner, Chemical Dependency Practitioner - Utica NY
Natallia  Vauruk, ESL Certificate - Utica NY
Valiantsina  Vauruk, Human Services - Utica NY
Jagoda  Vejzovic, Business Management - Utica NY
Nicholas A. Vella, General Studies - Utica NY
Kristen G. Walter, General Studies - Utica NY
Valarie A. Warmuth, LA: Adolescent Ed.  - Utica NY
Henry C. Warner, Liberal Arts: Psychology - Utica NY
Joseph W. Weaver, General Studies - Utica NY
Kanehpaw  Win, General Studies  - Utica NY
Alicia M. Dantzler, Individual Studies  - Utica NY
Joseph W. LaClaire, Electrical Eng. Technology - Utica NY
Allison J. Cacciotti, Medical Assisting - Vernon NY
Christopher J. Cleveland, Accounting - Vernon NY
Ryan  Conway, CNC Machinist Technology - Vernon NY
Kimberly A. Copeland, Restaurant Management - Vernon NY
Jordan M Davies, Hotel Tech-Meeting Services - Vernon NY
Marcus P. Grossman, Criminal Justice - Vernon NY
Jessica M. Schmidtka-Skeans, Human Services - Vernon NY

Jesse E. Whitmeyer, Welding Certificate - Vernon NY
Susan I. Davis, Financial Services Management - Vernon Center NY
Jessica D. Lanz, General Studies  - Vernon Center NY
Richard P. Adams, Telecom Tech-Verizon NextStep - Verona NY
Kayla M. Johnson, Radiologic Technology - Verona NY
Ryan J. Simons, Computer Aided Drafting - Verona NY
Bryan J. Spear, Graphic Design - Verona Beach NY
Troy K. Barnes, General Studies - Waterville NY
David R. Carney, Individual Studies - Waterville NY
Heather A. Chandler, Chemical Dependency Practitioner - Waterville NY
Austin G. Cornish, LA: Public Policy - Waterville NY
Nelson T. Hadley, Air Conditioning Technology - Waterville NY
Orson J. Lamont, Individual Studies - Waterville NY
Olivia M. Manderville, Photography - Waterville NY
Molly R. Mortelette, Criminal Justice - Waterville NY
Anthony  Clements, School Facilities Management - West Babylon NY
Jacan L. Hendrickson, Telecom Tech-Verizon NextStep - West Coxsackie NY
Shelby L. King, Business Administration - West Edmeston NY
Charles M. Batt, Welding Certificate - West Leyden NY
Damian R. Clark, Airframe-Powerplant Tech Cert. - West Leyden NY
Brittany M. Croniser, Liberal Arts: Psychology - West Leyden NY
Brandon M. Bridger, Welding Certificate - West Winfield NY
T'Marra D. Burke, Graphic Design - West Winfield NY
John E. Cornmire, Welding Certificate - West Winfield NY
Aaron J. Lusby, Engineering Science - West Winfield NY
Zackary E. Ostrander, Welding Certificate - West Winfield NY

Jessica E. Sweeney-Howard, Human Services - West Winfield NY
Brandon M. Thomas, Recreation and Leisure Services - West Winfield NY
Brenda M. Capron, Graphic Design - Westernville NY
Derek R. Kuehnhold, Civil Eng. Technology - Westernville NY
Jamie L. Lawendowski, Business Management - Westernville NY
Natalie J. Streifert, General Studies - Westernville NY
Stephanie M. Kowenia, General Studies - Westmoreland NY
Lisa F. Laterza, Chemical Dependency Practitioner - Westmoreland NY
Stacey M. Smith, General Studies - Westmoreland NY
Andrew J. Vaeth, D.P., Programming and Systems - Westmoreland NY
Steven Neil Yaddaw, Business Management - Westmoreland NY
James M. Zarnoch, Mechanical Eng. Technology - Westmoreland NY
Debra A. Acker, Individual Studies  - Whitesboro NY
Andrea L. Albright, Nutrition and Dietetics - Whitesboro NY
Christopher J. Allen, Business Management - Whitesboro NY
Salvatore E. Bello, Electrical Eng. Technology - Whitesboro NY
Amanda N. Bonney, Business Management - Whitesboro NY
Sheilah Ann Brown, Individual Studies  - Whitesboro NY
Kristie Lorain Cieslak, Human Services - Whitesboro NY
Cathy M. Clark, Nursing - Whitesboro NY
Samantha D. Daly, Criminal Justice - Whitesboro NY
Emily L. Decola, Fine Arts - Whitesboro NY

Robert  Diperna, Air Conditioning Technology - Whitesboro NY
Ashley E. Fess, Graphic Design - Whitesboro NY
Mary M. Friedlander, Chemical Dependency Practitioner - Whitesboro NY
Robyn R. Gaffney, Liberal Arts: Psychology - Whitesboro NY
Christine M Geer, Business Management - Whitesboro NY
Wendy M. Hake, Surgical Tech Cert. - Whitesboro NY
Kimberly A. Hertline, Human Services - Whitesboro NY
Julie A. Hoage, General Studies - Whitesboro NY
Evelyn L. Houghton, Business Management - Whitesboro NY
Leah J. Kozak, General Studies - Whitesboro NY
Jessica M. Lallier, General Studies - Whitesboro NY
Britany  LaMariana, Science-Biology - Whitesboro NY
Joseph  LaTour, General Studies - Whitesboro NY
Keari A. Little, Liberal Arts: Psychology - Whitesboro NY
Tina M. Logalbo-Bonanza, Business Management - Whitesboro NY
Nicole  Maikranz, General Studies - Whitesboro NY
Kaitlyn A. Mars, Criminal Justice - Whitesboro NY
Mary A. McMyler, Managerial Accounting Cert. - Whitesboro NY
Victoria V Milideeva, Computer Science - Whitesboro NY
Jessica L. Mullen, Administrative Assistant - Whitesboro NY
Kurk G. Neal, Respiratory Care - Whitesboro NY
Kimberly  Papa, Human Services - Whitesboro NY
Marie L. Pryborowski, Nursing - Whitesboro NY

Benjamin J. Schrantz, General Studies - Whitesboro NY
Erin A. Senior, Business Administration - Whitesboro NY
Connie S. Williams, Accounting - Whitesboro NY
Levi S. Hull, Welding Technology - Winthrop NY
Jonathan R. Plescia, General Studies - Woodgate NY
Macayo J. Parrott, Criminal Justice - Woodside NY
Robert L. Alexander, Business Management - Yonkers NY
Patricia J. Bower, Liberal Arts: Psychology - Yorkville NY
Duane L. Damphier, School Facilities Management - Yorkville NY
Shaun M. DesMarais, Air Conditioning Technology - Yorkville NY
Victoria L. Iusi-Lamascolo, Individual Studies  - Yorkville NY
Kaitlyn B. Phillips, AHC: Medical Coding and Billing - Yorkville NY
Kristin Lee Sittig, Human Services - Yorkville NY
Heather L. Schmoke, Administrative Assistant - Abilene TX
Collin G. Curler, Science-Sports Medicine - Vergennes VT
Manami  Kinoshita, Accounting - Chiba
Myungjoo  Park, Building Management and Maintenance - Geoje-Si Gyeong Sangnam-do
Yasuro  Katsuta, International Studies - Ibataki
Anas A. Jamali, Graphic Design - Jeddah
Emi  Takeyama, Illustration - Kakamigahara
Ayano  Tojo, Liberal Arts: Psychology - Osaka
Ayaka  Kobayashi, Liberal Arts: Psychology - Osaka
Wakana  Yamada, Photography - Saitama
Takeru  Kanazawa, International Studies - Tatsuno Hyogo
Johan C. Hallstrom, Science - Vaxholm
Thomas M. Clapper, School Facilities Management Certificate 
Michael J. French, Computer Sci.: Cybersecurity

Marketing & Communications

Payne Hall, Office 366
1101 Sherman Drive
Utica, New York 13501
Telephone - 315.792.5330
FAX - 315.731.5856