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Public Safety Officers attend 'bath salts' seminar

Jul 25, 2012

In response to the emergence of the synthetic drug known as “bath salts,” Mohawk Valley Community College recently sent five Public Safety Officers to attend a training seminar on recognizing and handling individuals who are high on the drug.

Peace Officers David Brough, Mike Vallese, Michael Polak, Michael Mosher and Joseph Piazza took part in a Bath Salts and Synthetic Drug Use Awareness Seminar hosted by Maynard Fire Department earlier this month. The Peace Officers joined hundreds of first responders - including emergency room doctors, nurses, paramedics and members of law enforcement agencies - from different areas via a teleconference.

The seminar covered the topics of what the drug is, the effects of the drug, how to identify the drug and an individual high on the drug, as well as best practices when handing an individual high on bath salts. The seminar explored how bath salts and other new synthetic drugs being sold on the street contribute to potentially dangerous situations for first responders.

“Keeping up with training will better prepare the Department of Public Safety to respond to situations that might be caused by this new drug,” said Joseph Palmer, Director of Public Safety at MVCC.

The teleconference was sponsored by WKTV News Channel 2 and was open to the Mohawk Valley community.

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