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Phi Theta Kappa inductees

Feb 4, 2014

Phi Theta Kappa inductees

Mohawk Valley Community College inducted several new members into the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society. The Lambda Beta is MVCC’s chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society. MVCC's Lambda Beta Chapter is rated Five Stars by Phi Theta Kappa, the highest honor bestowed upon a chapter.

This year’s event marks the 54th Anniversary for the Lambda Beta Chapter at MVCC, which was started in 1960 with the induction of 24 students when the College was known as the Mohawk Valley Technical Institute.

Phi Theta Kappa is the International Honor Society which serves to recognize and encourage the academic achievement of two-year College students while providing opportunities for individual growth and development through academic, leadership, and service programming. It is the largest honor society in American higher education, having been established in 1918 by two Missouri two-year college presidents.

According to the 1961 MVCC yearbook, “Phi Theta Kappa is a scholarly fellowship which embraces junior colleges not only of New York State but of the nation. The purpose of this non-secretive fraternity is to foster a spirit of devotion to study and to scholarly ideals among its members. The principles of Phi Theta Kappa are embodied in the Greek letters which stand for phronimon, thuermos, kathariotes (wisdom, aspiration, purity).”

Phi Theta Kappa continues to promote Leadership, Scholarship, Fellowship and Service, while becoming the largest honor society in higher education with more than 2.5 million members and 1,275 chapters located in all 50 of the United States, U.S. territories, British Virgin Islands, Canada, Germany, and the Republic of Palau.

The 2014 spring inductees are:

Hiba Abuzaid
Dure Afzal
Kristen Alesandro
Carli Amodio
Selena Anderson
Emily Avery
Danielle Given Barker
Macie Lynn Bertrand-Boyanski
Ciara Blakeslee
Danilo Bonnet
Elizabeth Brigham
Amanda Bronga
Alexis Bryce
Jess Burgdoff
Jessica Cherie Burmingham
Michael Burnett
Adam Burnham
Dennis Bussey II
Courtney Caldwell
Bailey Quinn Carey
Melanie Renee Carlson
Braden Case
Sokunthideth Chea
Michael Clark-Rooney
Adelbert Cleaveland
Hanna Collis
Jeanine Crippen
Melinda Culver
Robert Cunningham
Katherine Daskiewich
Samantha Dell'Anno
Mary Ray Deveny
Summer Dixon
Cassidy Dobrzenski
Marissa Douglass
Lillian Eannace
Aaron Edgar
Andrew Matthew Edwards
Elizabeth Egnew
Danielle Engler
Elmira Fedorov
Kyle Feldman
Ashley Fox
Sheena Gibson
James Gulick
Shelby Nicole Gustafson
Norma Happle
Cameron Hart
Clayton Hawes
Barrington Henry
Tracy Hoch
Kirsten Horstman
Tiernen Hotaling
Kristin Ingersoll
Victoria Iusi-Lamascolo
Justin Jarecki
Mohamed Jibril
Emilie Kane
Christopher Kellogg
Anna Kislyak
Chelsea Kretser
Heather Kupris
Ronald LaDue
Shelby LaGray-Masters
Santo LaMarco
Dawn Lazovik
Michael Levkovets
Brian Lindfield
Tina Logalbo-Bonanza
Sarah Nycole Lucia
Erica Maass
Tyler Macomber
Alexandra Malek
Robert Marion, Jr.
Anthony Marris
Nicholas Mayer
Brianna McNamara
Marlee Migdale
Ryan Scott Mills
Joseph Anthony Moda III
Jamie Murphy
Samuel Myalik
Emily Ott
Kristen Owens
Stephen Charles Paddock
Desiree Rose Padgett
Myungjoo Park
Garrett Pavlus
Alyssa Percola
Denis Placide
Chad Plantz
Ebony Pringle
Chad Riley
Jennifer Rivers
Julianna Maria Rose
Robert Rose
Jennifer Rothrock
Seyed Armin Safizadeh-Shabastary
Andrew Tyler Sammons
Kevin Scheve
Amber Schwenning
Corey Scofield
Armin Seferagic
Christopher Smith
Cynthia Snow
Stacey Southwick
Tyler Stenson
Jamie Lee Strobel
Lucas Suppa
Lynn Surprenant
Mike Swienton
Brian Joseph Theall
Jenna Theall
Robert Thrasher
Danielle Tinkler
Matt Tobin
Alycia Turner
Galina Volk
Cassandra Leona Ward
Kelley Waskiewicz
Hannah West
Kenneth Dale Wheadon
Michelle Wickard
Sabrina Williams
Kevin Harley Wright
Lyndsay Zastawny
Elias Zeina

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