PRINT New registration deadlines have taken effect

New registration deadlines have taken effect

Mohawk Valley Community College has set new registration deadlines for the 2013-14 academic year. For new and returning students, registrations will be accepted until the business day before the start of classes. Students may not schedule after classes have begun. 

The new deadlines do not affect adding and dropping classes once the semester begins. However, students who attempt to create a new schedule after the deadline will be required to wait until the following semester. The Offices of Admissions and Advisement will assist students with making plans for future semesters.

For the Fall 2013 semester, the deadline to register was Aug. 27 at 7 p.m.; classes begin Aug. 28. For the Spring 2014 semester, the last day to register is Jan. 21; classes begin Jan. 22. All other deadlines and procedures for billing, placement testing, and other necessary enrollment steps are unaffected, and deadlines for adding or dropping classes are also unchanged. For a complete list of these steps visit

The new deadlines were adopted as part of MVCC’s ongoing study of student success rates. Students who schedule after the start of classes have been more likely to fail or drop all their classes by semester’s end. Registering sooner helps students be better prepared and increases the likelihood they will succeed academically. It also minimizes classroom disruptions from students who start class later than their peers.

For more information, new students should call (315) 792-5354 or visit Returning students should call (315) 731-5800 or visit The complete academic calendar is online at