PRINT MVCC presents Dr. Jim Dyer Award to Whitesboro’s Schug

MVCC presents Dr. Jim Dyer Award to Whitesboro’s Schug

Mohawk Valley Community College recently presented its annual Dr. Jim Dyer Award for Academic Excellence to student Daniel P. Schug, a liberal arts student from Whitesboro who has earned a 3.94 grade point average.

The annual award, founded by faculty at MVCC in honor of Dyer, honors the liberal arts student who earns the highest GPA in the humanities each year. The presentation took place in Board Room 300 of Payne Hall on the Utica Campus.

This year’s ceremony takes on special significance as it is the first award given since the passing last month of Dr. Dyer. Schug, his family, and members of the MVCC community and the public were invited to give tribute to Schug’s achievement as well as to Dyer’s legacy of challenging and helping MVCC students in the classroom. The scholarship is administered by the MVCC Foundation, Inc.

Dyer served MVCC for nearly 50 years, joining the full-time faculty from 1968 until his retirement in 1996, upon which he was named Professor Emeritus by the MVCC Board of Trustees. Dyer continued to teach part-time until 2011. Dyer taught English composition and literature, and received the 1978 award for Excellence in Service.