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MVCC Nursing Students’ Video up for National Award

Mar 27, 2012

Members of the Student Nursing Organization (SNO) at Mohawk Valley Community College will be waiting for an Oscar moment in April at the National Student Nurses’ Association Convention in Pittsburgh.

MVCC’s nursing students wrote, produced and acted in a music video which portrays the caring nature of their professional field. This music video ( has been entered into a national competition for student nurses with most entries from four-year institutions.

“We wanted to show the relationship nurses have with patients and their families,” said Lynzie Quinn, a senior nursing student who wrote the lyrics and screenplay. “Once I came up with the song and people heard it, everyone got excited about what was happening.”

With the lyrics and melody in hand, Quinn teamed up with another senior nursing student, Britney Gant, to compose the music. The concept of the storyline is to demonstrate the life of a nurse and how they have an impact on the patient and family. They decided to do an original song in order to convey this message.

Quinn and Gant worked on the music for an evening, fine tuning it over the next few days, and the video took only three weeks to complete before submitting it to the National Student Nurses’ Association competition. MVCC and Student Congress are sending 23 students to the national convention April 11-15.

“The idea was to try and put the caring back in nursing. Over the past several years, nursing has become very technical, and there is a movement to have the caring aspect of nursing emphasized,” said Lesa Steele, RN, who is the Retention Specialist and SNO advisor at MVCC. She also played the role of mother in the video. “TV shows like ‘Scrubs’ poke fun at nurses. We are trying to improve the image of nursing and show people the caring side.”

The entire video was created on a volunteer basis with the directing, cinematography and editing being done by MVCC student Tran Quoc Cuong, and the Office of Educational Technologies’ Mike Zombek working as the producer and Robert Rogan as the audio mixer. The patient was played by nursing student Arianna Graziadei, the nurse was Marina Joseph-Lebedeza, the dad was Norman Reith and the doctor was Lydia Seales. All are nursing students.

“Mike and Robert did a lot of the work on their off hours and we are so grateful,” said Steele. The entire video was shot in the Academic Building on the Utica Campus with the singing portion being done in the photography studio.

“We are very excited about submitting this video,” said Quinn, who will be attending the 60th annual convention. “From the time we heard about the competition and submitted we had three weeks. It was a crazy effort during which we had testing.  But everyone came together. … If we place in the contest, we will be the first two-year college to have ever done so.”

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