PRINT MVCC Instant Admit Weeks Provide Convenient Scheduling Options

MVCC Instant Admit Weeks Provide Convenient Scheduling Options

Mohawk Valley Community College is launching a new service, Instant Admit Weeks, designed for convenient college enrollment by graduating high school students and adult learners. Upcoming Instant Admit Week is July 8-12, from 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Additional openings will be announced in the coming weeks.

During Instant Admit Weeks students can, in one visit to campus, take care of applying, placement testing and other steps required for a convenient entry to college. Students who drop in to the Utica or Rome Admissions Offices with high school transcripts will be able to apply, receive an admissions decision and letter of acceptance, and take or schedule placement tests. Health forms and other steps to enroll at MVCC for the Fall 2013 semester will be provided in person.

This will help students take care of all needed steps before Fall 2013 classes begin Aug. 28. In addition to the Instant Admit Weeks, traditional methods of applying and completing enrollment steps will be available through Aug. 27, which is the deadline for new applications and registrations for Fall 2013. Instant Admit Weeks ensure that new students can apply, placement test and register early enough to meet this deadline and have the best selection of classes.

Traditional methods of applying for admission and completing steps to enroll will still be offered, and the MVCC Admissions Office is fully staffed to support students and their families in making application decisions and taking care of the necessary paperwork. 

For more information call (315) 792-5354 or visit That page includes information about the process and a Live Online Chat with Admissions Counselors.