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MVCC appoints Rosic as Director of the Learning Commons

Jan 6, 2016

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MVCC appoints Rosic as Director of the  Learning Commons

Mohawk Valley Community College has appointed Ibrahim Rosic to the new position of Director of the Learning Commons in the Center for Language and Learning Design, in which he will systemize and oversee all Learning Commons operations in collaboration with the Pathway to Graduation Team to develop and maintain a comprehensive and responsive academic support program. Other duties include recruiting, hiring, training, and supervising all tutors, study group leaders, and completion coaches; and tracking the effectiveness of Pathway to Graduation.

Ibrahim has been an MVCC employee since 2002, holding various positions including adjunct instructor in mathematics, math tutor and mentor in the Tutoring Center, coordinator of the Learning Center, and director of the Learning Center. He earned his associate degree in electrical engineering technology from MVCC, and his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in electrical engineering technology and advanced technology, respectively, from SUNYIT.

The Pathway to Graduation Project was made possible by funding allocated through a Title III grant that MVCC earned through the Department of Education’s Strengthening Institutions Program. The grant, totaling just over $2 million over five years, is allowing MVCC to relocate the current Learning Center (2,830 sq. ft.) into a new Learning Commons space (8,714 sq. ft.). This will help the College to help struggling students after admissions data is analyzed

The Commons will co-locate the functions of tutoring, study groups, library resources, computer labs, technical assistance, an iTeach Learning Lab for faculty/staff, and seminar areas. There will be also be five Completion Coach offices in this location. Renovations include comfortable workstations, group study rooms with smart technology, math and writing labs equipped with updated computers, and tutor and faculty offices. There will also be a “soft space” area for conversation and for students to share academic information and useful ideas on study and coping methods.

Additional details of the Pathway to Graduation Project will be announced in the coming months.

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