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National Library Week

Libraries Transform because of you

Library games, videos and fun facts

National Library Week: Fun in the Library- from the Library and Learning Services at Rasmussen College

Seattle Public Library, Domino Book Chain World Record Video- YouTube



Libraries Transform...

  • Because the best search engine in the library is the Librarian.
  • Because there are more than 14,400,000 search results for the 2016 Presidential election.
  • Because the world is at their fingertips and the world can be a scary place.
  • Because adding Minecraft to Curriculum may inspire more future engineers than mathematics alone.
  • Because Fake News can have Real World consequences.
  • Because students can't afford scholarly journals on a Ramen noodle budget.
  • Because txt r fine, but, srsly, ppl also need 2 c real sentences.
  • Because employers want candidates who know the difference between a web search and research.
  • Because there is no single source for information (Sorry, Wikipedia).
  • Because students who spend time reading over the summer, end up on the honor roll in the fall.
  • Because punctuation without imagination makes a sentence, not a story.

Find out more reasons and how Libraries are Transforming.

Fun Facts:

    Did you know...

  • that you can check out a Box of Rocks or even a Box of Bones?!
  • that databases can be used for more than just searching for articles?
  • that there are databases that stream videos, have art images, statistical
    information, and even info graphics?!
  • that the Library has more than just books? We have Books on CD, Musical CDs,
    Feature Film DVDs, and even Educational DVDs that you can check out.
  • that when the library gets New Books, we have them on display in the Library lobby?

NLW Poster - 2017