The Writing Lab offers many resources that can be useful in your studies. Here are some resources that might help you with your writing:

Citation Guides

MLA 8th Edition Citation Guide

APA Citation Guide: Everything you ever wanted to know about APA style including reference page entry templates and samples, in-text citation rules, and step-by-step formatting guidelines.

APA Formatting: Running Head Guide

APA Video: Visual step-by-step demonstration on how to create an APA running head in Word 2013.

APA sample paper: A psychology paper that showcases APA formatting guidelines and some common approaches to research-based academic writing.

Chicago Notes and Bibliography Guide: This brief guide is based on the 16th edition of the Chicago Manual of Style and is appropriate for students of History.

Writing Help

Comma Guide: Rules and examples of comma usage.

Signal Phrase Guide: Learn how to integrate quotes without saying "according to" in every other sentence.

Transitional Devices: Improve your writing's flow and readability with this categorized list of common transition words and phrases.

Research Help

Finding Scholarly Articles: Follow this illustrated step-by-step guide to find scholarly sources using the library's databases.

Library Database Search Tips: Learn how to use Boolean operators and truncation to search library databases for scholarly articles more effectively.

Anatomy of a Journal Article: A visual guide to understanding primary research articles.

Other Resources

EN102 Audio: Listen to quality audio of commonly assigned stories, poems, and plays.

Journal Article Summary Guide: A step-by-step guide to summarizing primary research in the social sciences.