College Rights

  • To establish criteria and standards for accepting, advising, counseling, teaching, evaluating, graduating, and as necessary, disciplining, and dismissing students.
  • To establish standards of acceptable behavior for anyone associated with the College.
  • To bring legal or judicial action against any student violating College regulations, policies, and procedures.
  • To provide guidance and direction about student rights.
  • To take action to continue its work as an academic institution.

Student Rights

  • To access services offered by the College.
  • To participate on College committees where Student Congress representation is required.
  • To follow due process in situations involving judicial action.
  • To access an appeal process.
  • To have reasonable privacy except in situations involving personal safety or well-being.
  • To benefit from the educational process, free from harassment or disruption.

For more information on MVCC campus policies, refer to the Student Handbook.