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What About Health & Safety

What about health and safety?

Health and safety are the most important considerations in studying abroad.

  • Before you leave, register at the US Embassy or the US Consulate nearest your program site.

  • Before you leave, arrange how you are going to to communicate, both by email and by telephone (if necessary) in and out of the host country. Will your cell phone work there? Will you use web-based calling? Or what? What numbers do you call in- and out-of-country for emergencies? You might want to consider http://www.goabroad.ekit.com/ekit/home Some students also consider the travel cellular. It is expensive but you will have  a number to give people before you get on the plane: www.travelcell.com   .
  • Make sure you are insured. Coverage should include medical evacuation, trip interruption, emergency reunion and repatriation.
  • While on your program, carry an ID with you.
  • Be aware of overseas and US regulations. Attend on-site orientation in your host country and keep a copy of the information about the program director with you.
  • Whether you intend to be or not, remember that you may well be seen as an ambassador of the US. What you do overseas reflects not just on you but on MVCC and even the USA. You are not just a faceless, one-of-many guest. Far from it.