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Study Abroad Ireland

Get on Board to Tour Ireland

     The Business Information and Social Science Center (BISS) is planning a trip to Ireland this fall. We will be leaving November 22, 2014 and returning November 29, 2014.Study Abroad Ireland info sheet

     Students need to sign up for Organizational Behavior T/R at 9:30 a.m.

     The course has been planned around Irish businesses and Irish culture. While in Ireland we plan an ambitious schedule blending visitations to two universities, businesses, and taking in the local culture.


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Info Sheet

     We will have two information dates 3-31-14 and 4-15-14 both in PH391. By signing up during March students can save $100 off their travel cost. There is also the possibility of a scholarship up to $500.00. If you have any students who are interested please have them contact me.

How to Enroll:

Ways to Enroll:



Takes you directly to your tour enrollment page (Trip info, price, sign up, etc.)

Or, Visit:

Enter Tour ID: 1555402YJ

You may also contact me at:

George Goerner