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After I have been accepted

What do I do after I have been accepted?

Being accepted is only the beginning! Studying abroad is a process. The details may take a while.

  • Find out if you will need a visa and how you go about applying.
  • Learn as much as you can about where you are going. If there are international students at MVCC from your future host country, seek them out. Look at the sources listed on the MVCC Library's libguide:  and others, including the New York Times , the Washington Post  , The Christian Science Monitor and the British Broadcasting Company,  .
  • Check out health information about your host country at   and
  • Get your shots. After looking at the above CDC website, consult your doctor.
  • Just in case, check out travel warnings at
  • And look at where you are going at
  • And while you're at all this, review what you think you know about the US. Overseas you may find yourself treated as an informal spokesperson for the US; you may have to explain parts of your culture that you take for granted. Brush up!
  • Develop a very specific budget. Consider in-country costs beyond  program costs and airfare, such as living costs, optional excursions,  and in-country transpotartion.
  • If you haven't already, clarify with the director of your overseas program what classes will be available. Working with the MVCC Director of International Education and your academic advisor, determine what classes will count best towards your MV degree.