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Frequently Asked Questions

Which countries are represented at MVCC?
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Japan, Cameroon, Russia, Bolivia, Vietnam, Korea, Kenya, Argentina, Spain, Italy, Ghana, Brazil, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Belarus, India, Nepal, Gambia, Germany, Canada, Norway, Sweden. Students from all countries are welcome at MVCC.

How do I get the Form I-20?
You will receive the Form I-20 when you have completed the international admissions process and have been accepted to MVCC as an international student.

Am I required to take the TOEFL Test for admission?
** The TOEFL and IELTS tests are NOT required but if taken, results can be sent to this address above for consideration in placement:

Mohawk Valley Community College
Payne Hall, Room 101C
1101 Sherman Drive
Utica NY 13501-5394

Scores on standardized tests are valid for two years, so the test date must not exceed two years prior to the date of admission. Students will be fully admitted into college-level coursework if they submit one of the following scores:

  • TOEFL PBT: 500
  • Computer-based TOEFL: 173
  • TOEFL iBT: 61
  • IELTS: 5.5

Whom do I contact for information?
International Student Services Coordinator
Mohawk Valley Community College
1101 Sherman Drive
Utica, NY 13501
Telephone: 001.315.792.5350

Which majors or programs of study are offered at MVCC?
MVCC offers more than 90 degrees and certificates. You can also check out our Academic Departments for additional information, as well as the college catalog.

What if I don't have the required English proficiency?
The College offers a complete academic certificate in English as a Second Language (ESL). MVCC offers four levels of ESL to help improve the students English ability so students can begin at any level of proficiency.

Is the College safe?

  • The campus is set in a safe suburban atmosphere
  • Local homes and a grammar school in immediate area
  • The campus is equipped with security personnel to assist students
  • Campus Emergency Telephones available for student use
  • 24-hour dormitory and campus surveillance

Where do international students transfer?
International students can apply as a transfer student to four-year universities and colleges of their choice. As long as the student meets all admissions requirements, they can transfer from Mohawk Valley Community College to their next university as a transfer student. There is a specialist on campus to help students with transfer applications. MVCC has 2 2 agreements with multiple SUNY and private institutions. Find out more about the State University of New York transfer program here:

When should I submit my application for admission?
You should begin your admissions application at least four to six months before the anticipated start date. This will allow you adequate time to receive your Form I-20 and apply for a student visa.

Department Contact

Taylor Decker
International Admissions Counselor
Phone: (001) 315.792.5351
Fax: (001) 315.792.5527

SKYPE anytime!

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