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Current Student Information

Maintaining Your Immigration Status

As a F-1 Non-Immigrant student, you have a set of rules and regulations to follow in order to maintain your status. Please see the information below.

  1. Report to the International Student Services Coordinator for SEVIS registration, at the school you are authorized to attend on your I-20, upon arrival and not later than 30 days after the Program Start Date (for NEW students) each semester thereafter, no later than 30 days after the Next Session Start Date (for CONTINUING students).
  2. Attend the school you are authorized to attend.
  3. Pursue a full course of study (12 credit hours minimum) or, following completion of studies, engage in authorized Practical Training authorized by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS).
  4. Make normal progress toward completing a program of study.
  5. Obtain a new Form I-20 for a change in program of study or Major.
  6. Follow the correct and required transfer procedures when you decide to attend another college or university.
  7. Cannot work, either on or off campus, in unlawful employment. If you have questions about lawful and unlawful employment, see the International Student Services Coordinator.
  8. Report a change of address to the International Student Services Coordinator within 10 days of moving. The International Student Services Coordinator will then report your change of address to SEVIS.
  9. Abide by rules requiring disclosure of information and prohibition on criminal activity.
  10. Maintain a valid passport.
  11. Apply for a timely extension of stay and/or depart the United States within 60 days of completing your program of study or your Optional Practical Training (OPT). If you are transferring to another college, See #4 above.

International Travel Information

U.S. Department of State Travel Warnings and Alerts

Important Travel Checklist for International Students:

The following checklist is designed for international students in F-1 or F-2 status who are traveling within the United States or abroad. For additional information or questions regarding travel please contact the International Student Services Coordinator.

Before traveling please be aware of your current status and have all necessary documentation with you to present upon arrival and departure from the U.S.

SEVIS Form I-20
Check the travel signature on your SEVIS Form I-20. You must have your SEVIS I-20 with you when you travel, even for travel within the United States. Be sure that your current I-20 has an authorized travel endorsement signature valid for re entry within the United States. If you have any questions whether your travel endorsement is valid please see the International Student Services Coordinator.

Check the expiration date of your passport. You must have your passport with you for all travel, including travel within the United States. If traveling abroad, your passport MUST be valid at least six months into the future upon your return to the United States. Passports may be renewed at your country's embassy or consulate in the United States.

U.S. Non-Immigrant Visa
Check your U.S. visa stamp inside your passport. Has your visa stamp expired? If it is still valid, is it for multiple entry, or has the entry been used up? Finally, is the category for which the visa was issued the status you currently hold (for example, if your visa is F-2, are you currently in F-2 status or did that status change after you entered the United States). An expired U.S. visa need only be renewed if you will be traveling outside the United States. The exception is travel to Canada or Mexico. As long as your travel to either of those two countries is for less than 30 days and you are not applying for a U.S. visa there, you may return to the United States on an expired F or J visa. There is a special rule for citizens of Iran, Syria, Libya, Sudan, North Korea, or Cuba currently in the United States. Such an individual can only enter Canada or Mexico and return to the United States IF he or she has an unexpired multiple-entry U.S. visa in the passport for his or her current status. Be sure to read the handout titled "Applying for a New Visa" at a U.S. Consulate Abroad.

I-94 Arrival/Departure Record
You must have your I-94 electronic record printed and with you for all travel, even travel within the United States. You will be issued a new I-94 record upon your re-entry to the United States with a new admission number.

As an international student you may be asked to present your student ID card. Please bring this with you at all times when traveling to prevent any travel delays.

MVCC Health Insurance Card
If you are traveling within the United States you should bring your health insurance card with you. This card may be useful in emergency medical situations. Please contact the Health Center in order to receive your insurance card.

Optional Practical Training (Employment Authorization Card)
If you have completed your studies and have applied for Practical Training, you must have your Employment Authorization Document (EAD) with you, as well as your SEVIS I-20 endorsed for practical training, in order to re-enter the United States.