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Costs and Fees for International Students

Estimated International Student Expenses in U.S. Dollars for One Academic Year (9 Months)

  • Tuition: $8,740.00

  • Room and Board: $9,970.00

  • Fees: $896.00

  • Mandatory International Health Insurance: $1,415.00

  • Books, Supplies and Personal Expenses: $2,000.00

Total: $23,021.00




  • Tuition and fees are subject to change without prior notice by decision of the Mohawk Valley Community College (MVCC) Board of Trustees.
  • The Room and Board cost is based off of a Compact Room in North and South Halls, and the Gold Meal Plan.
  • Expenses for living off-campus may vary based on lifestyle choices and spending habits of the individual student.
  • There is no on-campus family housing at MVCC. Students accompanied by a spouse (husband/wife) and/or children must show additional funding.
  • Summer on-campus housing is not included in this estimate but may be available on a limited basis for a fee. There is no campus meal plan offered in the summer.
  • During holiday breaks when the college is closed (i.e.: Thanksgiving, winter, spring), on-campus housing may be available on a limited basis for a minor fee.
  • Students can request a Room and Board sponsor form if someone will be sponsoring all costs associated with housing and meals during the duration of the student’s studies.

Department Contact

Taylor Decker
International Admissions Counselor
Phone: (001) 315.792.5351
Fax: (001) 315.792.5527

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Skype Name: mvcc-internationalstudents