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Research is what I'm doing when I don't know what I'm doing.

-Wernher van Braun

Research Review

Research Policy

Any research proposal involving human or animal subjects must be forwarded to the Offce of Institutional Research and Analysis for review and approval by the Research Review Team.

The members of the Research Review Team are your faculty and staff colleagues. It is best to allow at least a month for a review of any  proposal, as the team may request changes.


Download the Request for Approval for use of Human Participants in Research form (below) and submit it to the Chair of the Research Review Team. 

In addition, sign and submit THE LAST PAGE ONLY as hard copy. (Students will also need to have their faculty supervisor’s signature.)  Proposals will not be approved unless a hard copy of the signatures has been received. To ensure expeditious review of your project, please be as specific and complete as possible in your responses, and include all necessary supporting materials as appendices (e.g., consent forms, surveys, interview scripts, debriefing script). 


Approval for use of Human Participants in Research


Please email the application and appendices as a single document.

Marie Miknavich - Chair, Research Review Team