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You Asked-Your ATD Questions Answered

Answers to questions submitted to the Office of Institutional Research and Analysis following the January-2015 Data Summit, which focused on graduation rates. PowerPoint presentation.


Question: "part-time (adjunct) instructors vs. full time"

Answer: In general, students have a mix of full-time and adjunct instructors.  This makes it particularly difficult to determine a graduation rate based on what kinds of teachers a student had.  It may be possible to look at success rates of students in various courses based on the type of teacher, but that would be a study unrelated to graduation rates.


Question: "age breakdown"

Answer: The Data Team considered four categories by age group: less than 20, 20-24, 25-29 and 30 . See Graduation Rates for how these different groups fared.

Question: "--20-29 yr olds? Whats going on there?"

Answer: No answer available at this time. IR may not be able to determine a response.


Question: "interested in seeing athlete outcomes (including those who start then drop a sport). "


"those involved in athletics"

"Where do the student athletes stack up"

"Tracking of student athletes"

Answer: No answer available at this time. IR will attempt to determine a response at a later date.


Question: "% that fail classes for non attendance vs. failing because of performance"

"the number of students that fail a class who missed the first day of class, in other words, added the class after the first day"

Answer: No answer available at this time. IR will attempt to determine a response at a later date.


Question: "Hard to know what a students upbringing is"

"Dig in to find causes, not correlations, only then can we truly improve."

"Hard to get data on the complexities of life."

"What helps these students who did graduate to succeed"

"The students that did not succeed, did they fail out or drop out"

"Do we have data on reasons why students leave?"

"Look at reasons why students are not graduating. (was graduation a student goal?)"

"It would be interesting to know what the goal was for those students who stop out and didn't complete a degree."

"do we have data on students that leave, then return successfully--for focus groups to understand the circumstances that caused them to leave and what changes their course"

"compare grad rate w/ response to educ goal"

Answer: Many of these are difficult to answer based on available data. There is some data collected on why students leave, but it is voluntary. IR does have certain goal information, and will determine a response based on goal at a later date.

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