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Minority Male Community College Collaborative (M2C3)

In Fall-2016 MVCC partnered with Minority Male Community College Collaborative to evaluate "student success" at Mohawk Valley Community College, focusing "students who have been historically underserved in postsecondary education." Two anonymous surveys were administered; one to students in randomly selected course sections and the other to randomly selected faculty members.

The Community College Success Measure (CCSM)

The CCSM "was developed to examine predictors of community college student success." Factors examine include:

  • Non-cognitive outcomes (e.g. locus of control utility, academic self-efficacy)
  • Environmental factors (e.g. finances, family responsibilities)
  • Campus ethos (e.g. campus climate, perceptions of care)
  • Identity (e.g. gender and race/ethnicity)

Download the report: Community College Success Measure (CCSM)

The Community College – Instructional Development Inventory (CC-IDI)

The CC-IDI is "designed to inform professional development programming for instructional faculty." The two components examined include threshold scores based on:

  • Self-reported practice
  • Faculty members’ recommendations for areas of professional development focus

Download the report: Community College-Instructional Development Inventory (CC-IDI)