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Gateway Course Completion

CJ101 Introduction to Criminal Justice

With the exception of three years, successful completion (a grade of C or better) in CJ101 Introduction to Criminal Justice for the three cohorts (20-29 year old students, low income students, and Black/Hispanic students) trailed students not in those cohorts. With the exceptions of Fall-2013 and Fall-2015 for 20-29 year olds, and Fall-2013 for low income students, success rates trailed by between 2 percent and 29 percent.

CJ101 Completion rates for 20-29 year olds CJ101 Completion rates for PELL recipients CJ101 Completion rates for minorities

HI101 History of Civilization 1

Success rates for HI101 History of Civilization 1, unlike CJ101 above, were worse every year for the three cohorts. The deficit ranged from just under six percent for low income students in Fall-2015 to just over 39 percent for Black/Hispanic students in Fall-2013.

HI101 Success for 20-29 year olds HI101 Success for Black and Hispanic students HI101 Success for PELL recipients

PY101 Introduction to General Psychology

Success rates for the cohorts in PY101 Introduction to General Psychology, as seen above, lagged behind students not in the cohorts by as little as 4 percent for 20-29 year olds in Fall-2012 to as much as 24 percent for Black/Hispanic students in Fall-2016.

PY101 success for 20-29 year olds PY101 success for PELL recipients PY101 success for Black and Hispanic students


Council for Initiative Analytics (CIA)

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