Please watch this video about Hazards of Phishing.

1)     Use passwords that can’t be easily guessed.

2)     Beware of scams. Don’t open SPAM email that looks suspicious and don’t click on links.

3)     Watch out for Phishing emails. 

4)     Never send Personal Information via email including passwords, banking information, your M number, etc.

5)     Only use trusted, secure webpages. Look for the “https” (not “http”) in the URL .

6)     Do not download unknown or unsolicited programs/apps to your computer, phone or devices.

7)     Secure your area before leaving it unattended. Lock your computer or sign out.

8)     Make sure that you shut down your computer at the end of your shift.

9)     If you are transporting your laptop, shut computer down, store in proper laptop bag and do not leave in extreme weather conditions for long periods of time including in your car in the winter or summer.