Enter Student Email Login Screen

We began merging MVCC Student email account to
MS365 in the cloud on Wednesday, August 11, 2021.

Changes on accessing your email

The link to access your email will change to https://outlook.office.com. Your
login information will be the same. Please note that the username is your full
email address (example jsmith05@student.mvcc.edu).

When you first log in you will be required to provide a recovery contact
(phone or personal email). This will allow you to reset your password if
locked out.

Changes on accessing email on your phone

If you have your MVCC email account on your phone you will need to delete
the account once you are prompted to login. For Android, the
recommendation is to use the Outlook App. For iPhone the Outlook app is a
great option or if you use the native mail app (icon has a blue background
and white envelope) you can delete your existing account and re-add it. To
do so go to settings, locate the Mail app, select Accounts, select the
Exchange account, Delete account. Then add account, select Exchange
from the list, put in your MVCC email and a description, click sign in and
follow the steps to login.

Your Microsoft Apps

All of your MS apps, including Outlook email, can be accessed at: https://

Need help?

If you need assistance, please email helpdesk@mvcc.edu or call the
helpdesk at 315-731-5711 and leave a message and someone will contact