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What to do when?


Keys - Lost KeysYou can get replacement keys or a lock change.  No charge unless you don’t find your keys in two weeks.

Bellamy Hall Office

Complaint – You want to file a complaintFile a complaint and the situation will be investigatedBellamy Hall Office or Public Safety
PackagesSimply pick it up when your name is on the package list posted in the dining hall or by the mailboxes.Alumni College Center Room 208
Vending Machine Refund
  • Food Machine: You can get a refund by reporting to the Auxiliary Services Office
  • Pepsi Product Machine: You call the toll free number on the Pepsi Products machine.
See Left
Lost and FoundSee Public SafetyAB 109
Roommate ConflictSee your Resident DirectorBellamy Hall Office
Noise – You are being inconvenienced by noise REGULARLY  See Associate Dean for Student & Residence LifeACC 208
Noise – You are being inconvenienced by noise NOW  Call the RA on Duty315-792-5310
RepairSubmit a Work Order

Web site

Internet Not Working

1- If you need your internet Wifi code

2-User issues

1-Come to ACC 208 2- Call Time Warner (866) 536-7676.  If it remains unresolved, come to ACC208
ID Card Not Working Payne Hall Student Service Center.  If you feel there is a malfunction, see a Resident Director in the Bellamy Hall Office.  They can authorize a free replacement for malfunctions.  AFTER HOURS: temporary replacement available.Bellamy Hall Office or Payne Hall Student Service Center