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Technology in the Residence Halls


The Residence Halls have a robust wireless Internet provided by Time Warner.  Upon arrival, students will be able to find the Residence Hall wireless network on their equipment and will automatically be routed to a launch page.  Students are not able to install wireless routers as they will interfere with the main system.  Students are able to connect up to 3 devices to the network automatically and are guaranteed 7MB upload and download speeds.  "Browserless" devices  such as wireless printers can also be networed by simply calling Tech Support.  


Please note the desktop computers will need a wireless card in order to connect to the internet.  For more information, go to and click on CURRENT STUDENT.



Each room is equipped with telephone service and a telephone.  Service includes local  telephone service, call waiting, call forwarding, and 3-way calling.  Phone numbers are given to students at check-in. There is NO charge to make local Utica area calls or to receive calls from long distance.   This provided landline phone is a great back up to a cell phone.  Students may choose to use a private phone card or their cell phone for long-distance service. Voice mail is included with phone service and each of these telephones are already enrolled in New York Alert.


Cable Television

All rooms are cable ready with one cable outlet, which can be split, per room so that each student can bring a television.  Students will automatically receive over 60 channels.   Many of the major networks are  Hi-DEF.  There is not cost for this basic 60 channel service.  Should students want to sign up for premium services such as pay per view, Digital, DVR, etc., they make contact the cable company personally once they arrive on campus.