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Whats included? Each room is equipped with a bed, dresser, desk, chair, wardrobe and Internet access. Ceiling lights are provided in each room.

How big are the rooms?

In Butterfield, Penfield, Huntington and Daugherty Halls, there are three different types of rooms:

    Compact double room: 10' x 15'
    Regular double room varies: 10' x 18', 11' x 20', 15' x 15'
    Triple room: 15' x 15'

In Bellamy Hall, students can enjoy 5 person suites consisting of one single and two double rooms in each suite:

    Suite double room is 10.5' x 14.5'
    Suite single room is 7' x 14.5'
    The gathering area is furnished with two small sofas, TV stand, cable, and Internet access.


Regular Double Room - North & South Halls

Regular Double Room



Tripe Room - if requested - North & South Halls
Triple Room



Bellamy Hall - Suite Double

Suite Double



Bellamy Hall - Gathering Room

Gathering Room