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How are roommates assigned?

We understand how important your room assignment is.  The Residence Life Office uses the information provided on the Housing Preference Form as the basis of room assignment.  Each student will have an opportunity to identify traits such as type of music preferred, bedtime, wake up time, hobbies, activities, etc.  The student will also be able to request either a double, compact double or triple on their application as well as a coed or non-coed and even a preferred building.


Will I get my preferences?

We try our absolute hardest.


Can I request a specific roommate?

You sure can.   It is essential that both roommates request each other on their preference form.


When will I find out who my roommate is?

You will receive a notice from the Residence Life Office approximately 3 weeks prior to your arrival explaining what room you will be living in, who your roommate or roommates are, and in most cases how to contact your roommate(s).


Can I change rooms?

If there is a roommate conflict, the students should first see their R.A. and they will attempt to resolve any conflicts between the students. If a room change is still requested, the professional Residence Hall staff will make all attempts to honor the request.