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Residence Hall Internet

24 Hour Technical Support (866) 536-7676.


MVCC Residence Halls are pleased to provide a robust wireless WiFi for the students.

Where does the wireless cover? All rooms, lounges, public areas and even the exterior quad of the Residence Halls are wireless.

How do I get a wireless access code? Upon arrival, you will be given your own wireless access code that will provide your internet access for the entire semester.   If you did not get a code at check-in or experience a code issue, please visit the Residence Life Office in the Alumni College Center Room 208.

How do I activate my wireless? When you are in the Residence Halls, simply search for available wifi and find mvcchousing_wifi.  You may find other MVCC wifi's, but this one will give you the best service.  Once selected, you will be connected to a landing page.  Simply press connect and you will be asked for your access code.  Input it and when you are directed to the MVCC website, after agreeing to the acceptable use policy, your internet is active.

How many devices are allowed? Each student has personal speed of 7mb up and 7mb down.  Each student may connect up to three personal devices with their access code. 

Can I add a browserless device such as a game system? Yes, but because it is browserless and can't go to a landing page, you would contact the 24/7 tech support line at 1-866-536-7676 and hit prompt #1.  You will need the mac address of the device you are adding.  If you need assistance with finding that, tech support will assist you.

Can I use a personal router?  No, they are not allowed as they interfere with the system.