Housing Eligibility

MVCC is committed to providing a Residence Hall environment conducive to academic success.    On-campus housing is a privilege and is only available to students who demonstrate academic accomplishments.

We value academic success and access.  First-time applicants must meet one of the following eligibility criteria for on-campus housing:

  • A minimum cumulative high school average of 70.  Students with a cumulative high school average of 65-69.9 will be conditionally eligible providing they enroll in a specialized College Seminar (ED 100) course during their first semester.  This specialized section of ED 100 is designed specifically to promote academic success opportunity for Residence Hall students OR
  • A GED minimum score of 2400 OR
  • A transfer student who attempted a minimum of 12 equivalent credit hours and earned a minimum 1.5 housing review* GPA in their most recent semester.

1st semester at MVCC

  • The high school, GED, or transfer requirements stated above AND 
  • Currently attempting a minimum of 12 equivalent credit hours and earn a minimum 1.5 housing review GPA at end of semester.

Completed at least one full-time semester at MVCC

  • Attempted a minimum of 12 equivalent credit hours and earned a minimum 1.5 housing review GPA in their most recent semester.
    • In order to get the most accurate, and fair view of your academic performance, the “Housing Review” GPA includes all courses; credit and non-credit.
    • In order to apply this policy in a consistent manner, there is no appeal for exceptions.
    • Past students who did not complete their first semester are subject to new applicant eligibility.

Residence Hall students are subject to the Standards of Academic Progress as outlined in the MVCC College Student Handbook/Planner. Students remain eligible ONLY IF the previous semester "Housing Review GPA" is greater than or equal to 1.0.

In order to get the most accurate, and fair, reflection of a student's academic accomplishments, this "Housing Review GPA" considers ALL courses for which a student received a grade that semester, including non-credit courses.   The "Housing Review GPA" MAY differ from the regular GPA that appears on a SIRS Account because it takes into account all grades, rather than only credit bearing.

Returning residents who become ineligible for Residence Hall housing may file a request for an independent review with the Vice President for Student Affairs.  This request must be in writing and include any supporting documentation.  Supporting documentation may include verifiable written statements from physicians, therapists, police, attorneys, financial counselors, family members, or others who can comment on the particular circumstances that had an extended and prolonged effect on the semester outcome.  This can be submitted via US mail, postmarked by the deadline noted in your formal notification, and sent to the MVCC Residence Life Office, 1101 Sherman Drive, Utica, N.Y. 13501 or via e-mail to housing@mvcc.edu. 

Re-Entry of Prior Academically Ineligible Student:

A prior resident who was previously dismissed from the Residence Halls due to academic ineligibility may return to the Residence Halls upon completion of a minimum of 6 equivalent credit hours taken within one semester with a minimum "Housing Review GPA" of 1.5.  A student who previously lost continued eligibility but has not attempted 6 equivalent hours may file a request for Independent Review.